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Help the Environment – Take the #QuickColdPledge

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Quick Cold Pledge

Are you ready to help the environment and save some money while doing it? -All together now, heck yeah we are! If you take pride in recycling and protecting our plant, then it’s a must for you to be apart of the Quick Cold Pledge challenge. I’ve started already and there is still time for you to catch up too!

The Quick Cold Pledge challenge is a new way to educate yourself and others about conserving energy and water. Helping the environment and this beautiful world that we live in is so important to me. It’s an initiative that everyone should take a stand in doing. Not only for this generation but for many other generations after us.

I know for myself, I’m always looking for new ways to become educated when it comes to our environment. Especially our everyday essentials that we take for granted like clean water and energy. -And I don’t know about you but being apart of this great challenge, makes me feel like I doing something extra special to help and it’s a self rewarding feeling.

Helping the environment not only gives our beautiful world some assistance but you become a saving champ in the process. How do you ask? By switching your washing machine cycles to quick and using cold water. -And doing so will result in 80 percent reduction in energy use. Sounds simple enough right?

If you’re a frugal shopper like I am , then you’ll love using a coupon in the Flipp App for $2 off Tide PODS at Walmart.

Quick Cold Pledge

Did you know by using Tide PODS not only will you be a earth-saving champ, but Tide PODS are specifically formulated to work efficiently in quick and cold cycles. In fact, when used in quick & cold cycles, you will get 10x more the cleaning power in half the time compared to the leading bargain liquid detergent brands. It’s pretty amazing to say the least!

Taking the #QuickColdPledge with Tide at Walmart is quite easy considering these important results.

Did you know that:

  • Quick & cold results is a 40% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions?
  • You’re saving money when you make the switch to quick and cold water cycles?

I bet you didn’t know that:

  • Tide PODS are designed to work effectively in the quick and cold cycles.
  • When you shop at Walmart your getting a great price on a brand that you already love and trust!

Help the Environment

So today I challenge you to join me in helping our environment in this special cause. Start saving today by downloading the Flipp App for a coupon for $2 off Tide PODS at Walmart

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