Healthy Holiday Honey Maid House

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Healthy Holiday Honey Maid House

The Holiday season has finally arrived. Can you believe it? This year has gone by super fast don’t ya think? With Christmas only three weeks away, I am so excited to bring you my Healthy Holiday Honey Maid House. It’s an healthier alternative to our traditional “Gingerbread” houses. Now don’t get me wrong, we love all those sweet desserts and snacks that come along with the Holiday season but it’s nice to have this change in our diets.

Decorating a Healthy Holiday Honey Maid House is fantastic for those who need to avoid sweets or have allergies to foods. It’s a way that children and adults can still enjoy a classic Holiday tradition without worrying about those extra calories.

When I was shopping at Walmart just the other day, I came across a pre-made Gingerbread house and I don’t know about you, but they always look so fancy and easy to make from the box. I’m in a total loss when it comes to building them. I can’t even count how many times I’ve tried to make these candy houses over the years. They always seem to fall apart on me.

So that is when I said, what the heck, I’m gonna try something new and make my very own Holiday house but from Honey Maid Graham Crackers and fresh vegetables. This way, the kids and I could sample some healthy veggies while making it too! Ha-Ha..

I grabbed a box of my favorite Honey Maid Graham Crackers and veggies of choice, then headed home.



Speaking of veggies of choice, I decided to create my Holiday House with Carrots, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Cream Cheese, Celery, Ranch Dressing and Honey flavored Honey Maid Graham Crackers. Oh yes, you can say no sugar plums were dancing in my head when I was thinking about creating my house. Everything is edible which makes it great for less waste.

HONEYMAID Healthy Holiday House

I first began to rinse then cut my vegetables. I found by eliminating this step early, makes preparing for this Healthy Holiday House so much easier. Having everything you need within arms reach also helps a great deal.

Building a Holiday House takes some patience but know of this, your family and friends will love to pick up their favorite veggie then dip it into your chilled ranch dressing. My family loves hands on snacking!  It’s like a veggie platter built to resemble a Holiday House.

So yummy and good for you!

Before placing down and building my Healthy Holiday House, I found the biggest round platter that I owned. I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of space to add my special touches.

For the base of my house I used long carrots. I decided to slice the middle of each carrot then slide my Honey Maid Graham Cracker on it. It worked out very well and I was able to build the walls to my house.



After I got the foundation up, I started to decorate my Healthy Holiday House and platter. Using cream cheese and broccoli, I was able to make green shrubbery then use cream cheese as snow. I also used marshmallows that surrounded the Honey Maid Graham Cracker walkway and around the ranch dressing fire pit. So adorable right?


Next, I grabbed another piece of Honey Maid Graham Cracker and placed it inside the house then closed the house off with another piece. Now you have all four sides up and ready to build again. This time around, we decided to use carrot sticks. Here is the trick. On the bottom side of your carrot, slice it down the middle just like you did previously. On those same carrot stick, carve the ends to resemble wooden logs. This will help to keep your house sturdy and in place. It will also help support those veggies you plan on using as the roof.

By using toothpicks, I began to connect each angled celery stick together. Once the roof was complete, I started placing down green pepper strips as shingles along with half sliced cherry tomatoes. Doesn’t my Healthy Holiday House look FABULOUS!

I also decided to use small carrots as part of the walkway and place cucumbers slices as windows around the home. They stayed on perfectly with using cream cheese too! Since I was on a creative roll, I used a few large marshmallows for a chimney and a snowman.








Don’t ya just love it! This Honey Maid Healthy Holiday House was such a hit with my family. The kids loved helping me build it but most of all, we loved eating it. It’s now our new family tradition to make during the Holiday season.




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So tell me about your Healthy Holiday House that you would make.

I’d love to hear about your favorite recipe using Honey Maid Graham Crackers.



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