Have a Witchin’ Good Time in Salem, Massachusetts- 25th Year Anniversary of Hocus Pocus

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Salem, Massachusetts. Home to the historic 1692 Witch Trials and Memorial, Salem Witch Museum, House of Seven Gables and more! Join me, if you dare!


Salem, Massachusetts

Ohhhh, book!!!! Can you believe that it’s been 25 years already? I sure can’t. Time has gone by so quickly. The movie, Hocus Pocus is still my favorite to watch during the Fall. It’s a one-of-a-kind Halloween movie that everyone seems to enjoy. Especially in my household. When you can remember “word for word” or a replay a verse from a favorite scene,  then you’re hooked!  It’s crazy but hey, we do admire those three Sanderson sisters.

Just recently, my family and I headed North of Boston to Salem, Massachusettes. We wanted to witness the Fall foliage and to get a closer look at this Halloween city. -And guess what we found through our travels? The homes that were used in the Hocus Pocus movie. Yasss, talk about incredible! -Plus we did some sightseeing in the area and got a closer look at a burial ground where those who were accused of studying witchcraft were hung and laid to rest. Umm, yes it was spooky but heck, it was FUN!  Walking down cobblestone and brick lined-streets was definitely unique and not something that most of us gets to enjoy every day. The best part- we got a chance to know Salem, Massachusetts better.

It’s a fascinating city and a fun Autumn destination that I can’t wait to share with you.

Hocus Pocus Movie Locations

Have you ever wondered about the homes that were used in the Hocus Pocus movie? We certainly did and for the longest time, we believed that the houses were fictional. But to our surprise they’re real. So while we were on a hunt, we saw some fascinating landmarks in Salem, Massachusetts. While visiting the witch city we stumbled upon Allison’s and Max and Dani Dennison’s home.



In the movie Hocus Pocus, this residential home belonged to Allison and her family but for Salem natives, this home is called the Ropes Mansion. Which indeed is the most remarkable 18th-century Georgian Colonial mansion.




My kids were super thrilled when we found Max and Dani Dennison home. Do you remember this home in the Hocus Pocus movie? How cool is this?




If you have never been or traveled to Salem, Massachusettes during the Autumn season then it’s a must for you to do. Watching the colorful leaves gracefully fall is spectacular to see in person.

Salem Commons

My family and I took a walk around the Salem Commons area just admiring this historic landmark. Leaves were falling and there was a slight chill in the air. It was exactly how we pictured it to be. It was majestic and reminded us all to admire our surroundings more often than we do.


Salem Common

Salem Commons


Not too far of a walk from Salem Commons is the Salem Witch Museum. While walking toward the Salem Witch Museum, we couldn’t help but to stop and glance at this statue? Do you recognize this man? Don’t feel bad- I didn’t know him either. Although, he was one important man to Salem, Massachusetts.

This is Roger Conant. He was the first settler of Salem, Massachusetts in 1626. How incredible is that? Very. The year 1626. That’s 392 years ago.


Salem, Massachusetts


Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum is an icon for Salem, Massachusetts. Visitors who have flocked into this city have made it a necessary stop to admire and learn about the history of Witch Trials and so much more!  This museum is open to the public year round and is closed off camera photography. It’s amazing inside. Check out the gift shop too.


As we continued on our walking tour, our next stop was the Witch Trials Memorial. -And it was fascinating to self-learn about each individual and their final resting spots.

Salem, Massachusetts


Salem Witch Trials 

This historic landmark was on the top of our must-see list. Why do you ask? During the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, many of the victims’ chose to die rather than compromise their personal truths. Benches within the Memorial perimeter recall the names and the execution dates of each of the 20 victims hung.



It’s remarkable when a landmark has been preserved for many centuries. It’s fascinating to walk around their final resting spot and admired centuries-old headstones and trees that are just as old.

One of the things that I did notice and had an interest in learning about was, why were many of the victims hung on the same day while other victims were hung on different dates. It certainly makes you think and start to wonder.



Salem, Massachusetts is an exceptional coastal city to learn about. The city is not only historic but it brings you back to visualize how life was in 1626. From the 17th-century homes to the historic maritime, tours, and museums, the city of Salem, Massachusetts has a delight on any road that leads you to the action.


Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts


The Essex Institute was considered a literacy haven for Salem, Massachusetts before closing its doors. In the years 1848 to 1992, The Essex Institute contained historical information and was part of the scientific society. It maintained a museum, library, an arranged educational programs, and issued numerous scholarly publications.



Lastly, my family found some unbelievable historic district homes near the downtown Salem area. It’s also where you will find the Witches Dungeon Museum, Salem Heritage Trail,  House of Seven Gables, The Witch House and countless other must-visit attractions.



For more information about Historic Salem, Massachusetts and things to do in or around the area, visit the city of Salem’s website.

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