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Yes, ladies it’s that time again. Spring is finally here that means the warm weather is near. Those summer days and nights really do go by so fast. So choosing that perfect bathing suit is something most of us worry about. For me, I like to feel comfortable and stylish while wearing my bathing suit. Now, there’s still a lot of women out there that don’t feel comfortable and secure about wearing one and I completely understand it. Our shapes and sizes tend to make us feel ashamed or very uncomfortable wearing one in public. That is why Hapari brings that self confidence back when choosing or wearing a bathing suit.

Hapari specializes in swimwear for ladies, men and children. They offer ladies sizes up to 3xl in a wide selection of choices. What’s not to love about how Hapari captures a woman’s natural beauty. They believe that all women should feel wonderful while having fun in the sun.

Since 2005 and founded by moms like us, Hapari  believed that women shouldn’t have to choose between stylish and that perfect fit. That is when they decided to create a swimwear line that would compliment all women. I applaud them for their remarkable efforts and continuously helping all women feel beautiful.


One of things that I admire about Hapari is their swimsuit selections. I really like wearing tankini swimwear. It’s a two piece bathing suit that covers the right areas and contours your body in a flattering way. Just like their Flower Candy v-neckline tankini.


This red flower with white tankini top screams tropical vacation. I just love it! You have the ability to adjust the straps and can be worn three different ways. It also has comfortable padding. The Flower Candy tankini top is a wonderful torso length which will give you the confidence knowing that this suit will not ride up on you and will give you great definition as it contours to your body.


The fabric is silky soft and stretches very well. It has a UPF of 50+ which helps when your in the sun all day. This top also has a secret opening for illusions and is mastectomy friendly.

What’s great while wearing tankini tops is the ability to wear different styles like these Red Polka Dot Tummy Tuck bottoms.


These Red Polka Dot Tummy Tuck bottoms are awesome! They have a high waist bikini like style without having to worry about your stomach or waistline showing. These bottoms are fashionable, comfortable and gives a more slender look while wearing them.


They have UPF of 50+ which is also safe to wear in the sun. The material is soft and does stretch.

Both pieces can be machine washed or by hand. They do recommend dry line only.

Another accessories that goes beautiful with this swimsuit is this White Sarong Wrap.

surong wrap


Wearing a sarong is a perfect cover up while at the beach or pool. It gives you some extra coverage when needed. It’s light and easy to place on. What’s great about a sarong is you can adjust it to your liking. You can wear it below your hips or above your waist, make it long or short either way it’s surely a fast way to cover up. It’s a great accessories to any of your favorite bathing suits.




I must say usually I am not to fond of the one piece bathing suits. I’m guessing that I never found one that fit me correctly or felt comfortable wearing it in public. Hapari has wonderful stylish collections for all sizes. Like the Retro Fashion Halter. I am so in love with this design and colors. The blue flowers mixed in with the reds and yellows. I just love it! I’m thinking all I need is a flower in my hair and a vacation when I look at this.

This suit has convertible straps that you can switch from a tank, criss-cross or halter. The material is soft and does strength. Overall is a beautiful bathing suit.

The best part is these beautiful suits retail from $29 on sale and up. Amazing deal!

You can find these bathing suits and others by visiting Hapari on their website or blog.

Feel free to reach out to them on facebook, twitter, pinterestinstagram and youtube.


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