Going Back to School with Box Tops

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Can you believe that it’s almost time to go back to school? Where did the summer go? Needless to say, going back to school with Box Tops is on our top of the list.  


Bonus Box Tops


For many years I’ve dedicated my time with helping my children’s school with the Box Tops program. Not only does their school benefit and earn cash from the products that I purchase, but it’s also gratifying to feel that I am doing my part with collecting them. One of my back-to-school routines is shopping at Costco and picking up our essentials from the brands that we already trust and love.

Luckily for us, doing so allows me to stock up on back to school lunches, snacks, and even breakfast foods. So it’s a win-win for this mom. Anything to get a smile on our children’s faces before, during, and after-school is well worth the trip to our local Costco store. Wouldn’t you agree? -Plus in the meantime, you get to help their classrooms with much needed supplies that they can purchase from the cash they have earned through the Box Tops program.

Do you collect Box Tops for your local school? Every school year my daughter gets creative with using craft supplies and a tissue box to make a collection box . It’s a simple craft that allows her to creative side to shine and showcase the Box Tops we have collected.



Are you a member of Costco? Going Back to School with Box Tops and General Mills this year is even more exciting! It’s the perfect time to become a Costco member. Starting right now you can take advantage of  Inspire Imagination Box Top program available only at Costco.



What’s the Inspire Imagination Box Top program you asked?  Costco members have a chance to win 100 Box Tops. How insane is that? Can you imagine how excited and proud your children would be to share this news with their school? My kids would totally flip. It would be raining Box Tops for your school.

Entering this contest is extremely easy for parents and the best part, *no purchase is necessary.

  • Begin by taking a photo or sending  a tweet on how Box Tops for education inspires imagination in your child. You can do so for an easy entry on Instagram or Twitter. 
  • Follow @BTFE on Twitter or Instagram. 
  • Share your photo or story with the hashtag #InspireContest.
  • Prize: 3,000 Costco members will win. Each winner will win 100 Box Tops for their school.
  • Contest does not include or engage in e-box tops.


Back to School with Box Tops


Helping your own school is just that easy. For myself, I wouldn’t have it any other way because I’ve seen first hand how schools ream from the benefits of using the Box Tops program. You would be amazed to learn how clipping box tops can and will make a difference to a school with limited resources. I’ve also seen schools purchase online educational curriculum for students from the cash they have earned from the Box Top program. Now that is pretty awesome! Want to double your box tops? Be on the look out for General Mills participating products that have additional box tops offers on the packaging. This is a great way to receive extra bonus box tops.



Going Back to School this year with Box Tops will be rewarding.

Get a jump start on collecting Box Tops then come enter to win 100 Box Tops here

What are some of the ways you like to collect Box Tops?






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