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Furby BOOM

I have to admit, we had a Furby in our household back in 1998 when my twin sons were only 2 years old. They were cute back then but nothing like the New Furby Boom and Furblings. They surely have come along way since then . In fact, I am in total “awe” about these friendly interactive creature friends.

Back in 1998, Furby was one of the hottest toys for Christmas that year. I remember looking and looking for one. It was one my sons must have gifts for Christmas. I happened to be at the right store at the right time. I was thrilled to had found it and couldn’t wait to see his face light up Christmas day. You see, these electronic robotic toys were a must have and that goes to show you why they sold over 40 million within the first three years.

Since 1998, newer Furbies have been released like the Furby Baby, Funky Furby, Furby Party Rockers and now recently the Furby Boom and Furblings.


The Furby Boom combines physical and digital play time for children ages 6 and up. This so cute creature takes your children on a fun adventure using their mobile devices such as a tablet where they can play games with Furby, help raise and care for them. They will also be able to earn colorful eggs that will hatch in time and will become a Furbling virtual friend. There is over 50 virtual eggs that your child can collect and it’s all done by downloading a free app. These eggs are earned during game play and you also have the ability to earn Furbucks which is virtual currency that can be used to help enhance your Furry Boom city.


The free Furby Boom app can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play. Even though the app is not required for Furby Boom to play It will definitely enhance their gaming pleasure.  If you do decide to download the app like I did for my daughter, then owners can personalize your Furby like create a name,  interact and care for their new friend. There is a interactive dashboard that monitors the well being of your new Furby Boom. You will notice when it’s time for cleaning or if your Furby Boom needs something to eat. One of the features that daughter loved was when her Furby Boom needed a cleaning. She could actually use the shower application feature to adjust the water temperature. When she adjusted it to cold water her Furby said a “BRR” sound and you could see snowflakes. It really did react to different temperatures of the water. I couldn’t believe it!



The Furby Boom speaks to you in it’s furbish or english spoken voice. It has a great sense of humor and his personality changes on how you interact or play with it.  The LCD digital eye movement is a hoot and so are his ears. Furbies love to show emotion and I believe that is what why the new Furby Boom separates it’s self from all the rest.




I also received the Special Edition Golden Furbling! This little fella is the cutest! By pressing or tapping on top of his head you will hear him say to you “shh, it’s oh-kay” and my favorite “Whaa!”.

After you finished downloading the Furby Boom app on your device, you can interact the Furblings and hatch an egg. Furblings communicate and interact very well with Furby Boom. I think it’s adorable that they’re so sensitive to each others needs. They even sing together! Since the Furbling is ready to play, you can use it alone or with Furby Boom.



There are 14 different Furby Furblings to choose from. Having such a variety makes them desired to collect. I think both the Furby Boom and Furblings are an excellent toy. I believe having that app feature surely enhances your experience. It’s fun for learning and shows your children how to take care of their friendly Furby pet.

  The Furby Boom retails for $64.99 and requires four “AA” batteries that are not included. 

The friendly Furblings retails for $14.99 and three cell batteries are included.

You can find both the Furby Boom and Furblings available at your local retail store and on Hasbro Toy Shop. com.

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For more information about Furby Boom and Furblings please visit the Hasbro website.

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