Fruit Shoot makes traveling easy- it’s my thing

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Being a mother of four, I’ve learned that patience is key when it comes to my busy lifestyle. Yes, I’m one of those moms who spends more time driving than actually sleeping. Can you relate? Life can certainly bring on more stress when traveling and toting the kids around but what if I told you that  Fruit Shoot® makes traveling easy and it’s my thing?

News flash! Those days with walking around your home barefoot and notice that you have those juice pouch plastic straw wrappers stuck on your feet are over. Yes, over! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me and let me just say, my husband gets the eye roll when he brings a box of these home for the kids. It drives me insane.

Let’s face it, kids will be kids. Juice wrappers and straws somehow make it onto the floor and at times, miss the trash can. So for me, it’s not worth the extra hassle but what does are Fruit Shoot.

Unlike juice pouches, children who drink Fruit Shoot don’t need to finish them in one sitting. Kids can place the resealable cap back on independently and be on their way. Which makes them a great juice to have when traveling too. The bottle is designed for on-the-go, and travel adventures. It’s the perfect size bottle to fit in a lunch box, backpack, packed in a cooler for the beach, and road trips. My children also love drinking them after a dip in our pool.

Fruit Shoot Fruit Punch Juice Drink


I know for myself, the Fruit Shoot bottle beats the pouches hands down. We never experience any messes or spills and the Fruit Shoot bottles can be easily recycled.

Their new Fruit Punch flavor has my children talking. They absolutely love it! -And what’s not to love for moms like me. They still contain no sugar and are a naturally flavored juice drink. That’s right,  It’s my thing.


Did you know that Fruit Shoot has been a trusted brand aboard for over a century? That’s pretty remarkable. After all these years, Fruit Shoot is still committed in providing a great taste of drinks that the whole family will love.

Whether your children are adventurous, have a passion, or a dreamer, take Fruit Shoot juice drinks along for the ride and make it your thing.

You can find Fruit Shoot at many grocery stores like Walmart but before you head out. be sure to check where to buy.


So tell me, have your children tried Fruit Shoot juice drinks yet?

Which flavors make it your thing?




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