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Five ways to cool off on a Summer Day

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Five Ways to cool off on a Summer day


Can you believe that we’re already talking about Summer? Where did the season of Spring go? It just flew by us don’t you agree? Well, Summer is certainly on its way here in Florida.  With the end of the school year approaching and the warm temperatures with humidity rolling in, it’s time to start thinking about how we can keep our families cool in the Summer. Here in Florida, the temperatures have already been in the 90’s so making sure my family is comfortable and cool has already been a top priority for me.

Summer temperatures can be brutal no matter where you live. I know for myself, staying hydrated and cool all Summer long, allows me and family to still enjoy the outdoor weather comfortably. I believe in being preparing for these days ahead of time especially before we adventure outdoors. So having the must-have Summer essentials on hand makes things easier for this mom of four.

I think most moms will agree, if there is a way for us to grab our Summer essentials while saving time and earning money back, we’re all for it!  That is when I went shopping at Walmart for my supplies. With the holiday 3-day weekend upon us, I knew my local Walmart store would be jammed packed so I decided to head over before Memorial Day weekend begins to pick up a few things. That is when I grabbed our favorite Blue Bunny® Bunny Tracks® ice cream and two of our must have favorites of Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings. Pairing them both together is an instant ice cream dream sundae.  So delicious don’t you agree? -And because I purchased Smucker’s Sundae Syrup™ Caramel Flavored Syrup and Smucker’s Chocolate Fudge Spoonable Ice Cream Topping  at Walmart, I was able to to use the free Ibotta app and earn cash back on Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings . Whoa! It’s a big win-win for this mom!




Wouldn’t you agree that serving Blue Bunny® ice cream with Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings is  Better Together? I would say, it’s just like how our families are better together. When our ice cream are topped with Smucker’s it makes me love my ice cream more. Even at Smucker’s, they believe their very best days are better together and that is why they created a wide variety of ice cream toppings to add delight and a creative touch to dessert time. When I think of Smucker’s, I know that I get the best value, taste, variety of flavors and not to mention, it’s a whole lot of fun to add.



Here are 5 ways to cool off this Summer:

Tip 1: I think the best way we cool down on a Summer’s Day would be with ice cream. The kids never complain and actually, who does?  It’s summertime favorite and a custom for most. In all honesty, just the word ice cream gets everyone’s attention. Having an ice cream sundae during those hot summer days or adventures, helps my family enjoy a tasty dessert at home without the cost and hassle of getting everyone together to head out to the ice cream parlor.


Tip 2: Grab your chair, find a shady spot and enjoy the views of a lake. I know for myself when I’m looking for a place to cool down and to relax in the Summer, visiting a nearby lake or springs does it for me.

Tip 3: Run and jump into that pool. It feels so refreshing to take a swim in a pool to cool off. I’m fortunate to have a pool in my backyard but for those who don’t, visit a local community pool or even attach your garden hose to a sprinkler does the trick. The kids will love it and who cares what the neighbors think, Summer is all about having fun and enjoying the weather.

Tip 4: Visit a nearby waterpark. Being a resident of Florida I know how hot and humid it can be in the Summer so I love taking my family for the day to a waterpark. The kids have a ball and there are so many different water activities to keep the whole family happy.


Tip 5: Have yourself a refreshing drink! While the kids are having a water balloon catch in the backyard or a swim, I love to sit back, relax  and enjoy watching them as I sip on a chilled beverage made with strawberries, blueberries, and water.


Keeping cool in the Summertime doesn’t mean you need to hide out in your air-conditioned home. Finding new ways that work for your family that allows you to enjoy the outdoors more often is essential. Treating your family or guests to a delicious Blue Bunny® ice cream sundae or cone topped with Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings surely will keep them cool and happy during the Summer.



Better Together

Looking for more Blue Bunny® and Smucker’s Ice Cream Topping dessert inspirations? Click here.

So tell me, what are some of the ways you like to cool off during the Summer?

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  • Alli Smith

    Ice cream is definitely the way to cool off during the summer! I always have Smucker's toppings on hand because it's so easy to create an ice cream bar for dessert. It's the one dessert that everyone loves.
  • Jeanette

    We love going to water parks. We are going to get a membership for the summer so that we can go whenever you want because it's just down the street from us. We like to have a nice cool refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day also.
  • Pam

    It's been hot hot hot here lately, so I am all about cooling off with some ice cream. Visiting a waterpark sounds like fun too.
  • tiarastantrums

    We haven't hit the super hot days yet here in Chicago - but everyday is an ice cream day in my house! My kiddos LOVE to make sundaes- in the heat of the summer and the dead of winter!
  • Heather Lawrence

    Umm hello! Nothing screams summer quite like ice cream We don't have bunny track ice cream here but we do have moose track (must be a Canadian thing!). It doesn't get quite that hot here where I live but that doesn't can be -40 and we are still enjoying ice cream!
  • Kita

    Ky kids love the local aquatic center and splash pads in our area. It is super hot here in the summer too so we try to get out early and enjoy before the heat and humidity turns over.
  • Jeanine

    Such great ideas. Ice cream is something I love to have in the heat to cool off. I wish we had this ice cream here it looks amazing.
  • Amanda Love

    We love Blue Bunny icecream and just love their new packaging. I actually have 2 of their flavors in my freezer that we picked up today while at the supermarket. :) Great tips by the way.
  • Tanisha @ MamiNeedsCoffee

    Oh my God that ice cream looks so good! I am a caramel lover and I love to add caramel syrup to my ice cream. One of the best ways to cool down! My family and I are going to a water park this weekend so we will have to see how I can bring some along. :)

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