Five Must Have Essentials For Your Diaper Bag

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Have you ever been out-n-about with your baby or children and totally forget to pack certain things in your diaper bag? Oh I certainly have. I’ve even have forgotten some of the most important things like diapers. Hey let’s face it, as moms we have many things to do before leaving the house and it happens more often then we would like to admit. Needless to say, that is why I try to get in the habit of packing a diaper bag before I adventure out. Even the night before if I can. Having the essentials on hand for our children makes it so much easier. Don’t you agree?

One of my must haves to pack is Huggies® Little Movers. Not only are they available in sizes 3-6 but they’re a diaper brand that I can rely on. These Huggies® diapers have a stretchy snugfit waistband that provides extra comfort and are shaped to be more flexible when babies are on the move such as crawling, playing and walking. You know what’s even better? They now absorb on contact which keeps our precious babies dry for hours. As moms, the last thing we want is our babies to cry from a soiled diaper and not to forget, a dry diaper makes one happy baby.


You know what I found, by purchasing Huggies® Little Movers at Sam’s Club I was able to buy in bulk which saves me time and money. -And as we already know, babies go through so many diapers in a week so having enough on hand is perfect for this mom. Are you a member of Sam’s Club yet? Come learn how you can become a member and start shopping today!


When it comes to preparing for your adventure out, here are my Five Must Have Essentials For Your Diaper Bag:

  1. A must have essential for your diaper bag is actually a diaper bag that can withhold your babies things. Being a mom of four, I’ve gone through many diaper bags because of all the things that I need when traveling with my children. When the twins were little, I actually used two. There is so many things that you need on hand so having the right size diaper bag is important.
  2. Let’s face it, diapers are must have. You certainly don’t want to run out of them so pack  Huggies® Little Movers Diapers and make sure you have a few larger sizes available because we all know how fast our babies grow.
  3. Wipes! Oh man! Not only are these a must have for your diaper bag but they come in handy for quick clean ups along with cleaning those bums.
  4. Change of clothing. I’ve always packed two extra outfits in my diaper bag and depending on the season, packing extra hats and gloves are a must too. My babies have always lost a hat in our travels so being prepared incase they do is a must.
  5. Lastly, pack extra snacks or even juices. Having them in diaper bags are a lifesaver when traveling as we know how often they get hungry.




So tell me, What are some of your must have essentials in a Diaper Bag?



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