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Those four words that we all love doing –  going on a vacation. Spending time away from our daily lives  to enjoy what’s around us. To live in the moment and explore a new adventures is what many families like to do. I know for myself, we have spent many years traveling to the same vacation spot because our children loved it so much. We always looked forward to school breaks especially when the kids were out of school for the summer because let’s face it, vacations are mean’t to create memories. Over the years, we traveled two or three times a year to Florida before actually moving here. -And believe it or not, it was during our last vacation when we decided to make it our home. We loved it that much.



Living in Florida has it’s perks. Enjoying the warm weather year round is one of the many reasons why people like us, move here. Even though millions of visitors flock to Florida each year for some rest and relaxation, many of them also purchase a vacation home while they’re here.

-And how can you not?  Our swaying palm trees, beautiful beaches, key lime pies, and our tropical climate attracts homebuyers from all over the world. That is when Upnest comes in handy.

Let’s face it, purchasing a new or vacation home for buyers who live out of state can be scary for them. Not knowing where to go or who to trust even especially for those first time homebuyers. Oh yes, it can be worrisome. As a homebuyer who lives out of state, you want to hire the most experienced real estate agent and one who will work to get you the best property and price for your budget.

Upnest is a wonderful online service that’s absolutely free for you to use. Not only does it provide you with the top real estate agents in the area but agents compete to work with you. That’s right, you can also find out their expertise while you’re comparing commission rates too. Did you know that 60% of real estate agents are found by word of mouth? It’s pretty remarkable when you think about it. Trusting the word of another to make one of the biggest purchases that you’ll ever make. Many times when it does happen, you don’t get the same service or there is a conflict of interest.

That’s why Upnest is the better alternative. They take the stress out of finding the right agent because all of their agents have the best records of selling and buying homes for their clients.

When you first visit Upnest, simply type in the area of your interest. Such as Orlando, Florida or the zipcode. Once you have completed that easy step, you come to the next question.-What do you need an agent for?  If you’re interested in buying or selling a home, this is where you would add that information. For this tutorial, I will be explaining how easy it is when purchasing a home through Upnest.


During the next step, you will find out how many agents that are currently available in your area, if they offer a rebate and what kind of  a property that you might be looking for.  With a simple click, you can select a single family, condominium or townhome and also if you have been pre-approved by a lender.

Since Upnest is personalized for each homebuyer or seller, each question answered might offer a different result according to each individual real estate needs.



Next, once you have made your selections, it’s time to submit your request. At this time, you will find out who your Upnest advisor will be and information about your estimated buyer rebate.

Lastly once confirmed, you will start to receive rebate proposals within 24 hours.  These top agents will compete for your rebate proposals which allows homebuyers to save more money.

Finally, once you have selected an agent, you’ll be on your way to becoming a new home owner.





So tell me, are you looking for a new home or know someone who is? Be sure to let Upnest help.


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