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Dr Social. org is a wonderful online community for finding the best physicians in your area. Have you ever felt the uncertainty of not knowing if your new doctor meets patients expectations? I sure have specially when it comes to my family.

At Dr. Social. org you have the ability to seek medical reviews, get the help you need and deserve before your visit and they even offer advice from real patients like you and me.

Back in 2011 is when Dr. Niccolò Trentanove was surfing the internet looking to find his children a new pediatrician. Some of his important factors was to find a physician who had high credentials, was an expert in his children specific medical needs and provided with excellent outcomes from patients and clinics.  Even though that doesn’t seem hard to do, it was for him as he was amazed that there was not a website that hosted such information. That is when he envisioned a website that could provide others the same as he was seeking.  He envisioned a website community where patients could find doctors and read high quality reviews of a doctor who they seek.  He also believed that Dr Social.org would empower and improve patient and physicians relationships.

Their mission at Dr Social. org is to help you plan for your perfect physicians visit, improve current quality of care before and after your visits. They also promise to create a better healthcare environment to help find better alternatives in finding cures for diseases.

Dr Social.org achieves these goals by helping patients find the best quality of healthcare doctors throughout their review system community.  This community is available on the Dr.Social .org website in which allows you to leave valuable feedback.  When registering on their site you will be given an online identifier to engage with your questions or concerns. Doctors may also reply back to you through a public or private message. For your peace of mind, your private information such as your name will not be used when writing a review only the online identifier will be shown. In no case will your online identity of any patient be used  or permitted to the physician or any third party.  Patient confidentially is important!

When you visit the Dr Social.org website you will find that locating a doctor in your neighborhood couldn’t get any easier. The website is user friendly and provides you with a search engine that will guide you along. You have the ability to read about other physicians  and write your own review about yours. Take advance of using the “Ask a Doctor Forum” it’s extremely helpful to get all your questions or concerns answered by a medical profession.

Dr. Social. org has a strong compassion and commitment to medical research. Dr. Social. org will donate $1 from every new registration to the Colon Cancer Alliance. They are the leading national patient advocacy organization dedicated to increasing screening rates and survivorship.

So as you see, Dr. Social makes an impact on your health through it’s online community. Finding the right doctor for you and your family has never been so easy, less stressful and most of all it gives you piece of mind knowing that your new doctor has the highest credentials and qualifications to meet your needs.



As for myself and being a parent of four children, it’s extremely important to me to find the highest qualified physician for each my children. I am sure you agree that, moms like you and me rely on personal references when it comes to choosing a doctor for our loved ones. That theory of  “word of mouth” certainly gives me more confidence with others experiences.  Before we moved, my children had one of best pediatricians in our area. In fact, some of my nieces and nephews spent their adolescent years at the same pediatrician office too. They are now bringing their own children at that same facility.  Pretty amazing right? So I totally agree with word of mouth, feeling secure that your childrens medical needs are being met with the highest quality of healthcare available.


Feel free to watch the video below to get started with your Dr. Social registration.


For more information about Dr. Social feel free to visit their website.


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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I wish I had known about this last year when I was looking for a new doctor. I hadn't seen a doctor in years and had no idea where to start. This is an awesome resource.
  • Krystal

    This sounds like a great way to write reviews on doctors. I've had to find doctors before, and it can be a really difficult thing to do.
  • Sara

    Our healthcare system is so different to you here in the UK. It sounds so scary to have to source a doctor. This sounds like an invaluable resource!
  • Shannon

    We've recently been looking for doctors and are definitely looking for reviews written by patients, not just by the medical services that hire them. Very useful resource!
  • Tammilee Tips

    I have looked up reviews of doctors before. I had a list from my insurance and started looking them up. I found several reviews for one with not so hot reviews on bedside manner and one with several good ones. I went with the better sounding one.
  • Kathy

    This is really nice! I've actually been thinking a lot about possibly changing doctors. This is going to be very helpful too! A lot of great information about doctors. I'm excited to check this out!
  • Kelly Hutchinson

    This sounds like a fantastic way to find a doctor in my area. Sadly, I am stuck with the quack I have as my insurance only takes certain doctors.
  • Margarita Ibbott

    It is always hard to find a good doctor. Sometimes you need to know someone at a good doctor to help you get in the door. I am lucky that I have a great pediatrician and GP. Thanks goodness.
  • Liz Mays

    This is a blessing for people who move a lot. I've moved so many times and finding a doctor was one of the most stressful but important things. I appreciate this!
  • Shaney Vijendranath

    We have something similar in South Africa and I have to say, its great! I would recommend it to anyone. Such a convenient way.
  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    This is a great way of finding a new doctor - something I need to do. I wish we had something like this in Ireland.
  • eliz frank

    This a great idea for those of us in the throes of looking for a new doctor. I will take a look and explore the site.
  • Rosey

    This would be so helpful to me. We moved here 7 years ago, but we're rural and don't really know much about what's in town. Having a way to read reviews about local doctors would be great!! We picked one at random, and while the Dr. we have is not terrible, there are certain things we would like different. Reviews from others would help us to find a better fit for us.
  • Chrystal @ Nevermore Lane

    This would have been so helpful a few years ago when I first moved to this state and was in dire need of a Dr. It was hard as I jumped around a few before I landed on the one I have now.
  • Courtney

    Wow!!! Something like this is great to know about!!! Looking for the right doctor can be hard when trying to use something like Google!! Glad reviews can be found all in one place!! Great resource :)
  • Lisa Rios

    This is awesome! It sounds like a brilliant way to find new doctors and to write reviews as well. This would definitely help many people who are seeking for good doctors. Will have to share this with my friends.
  • HilLesha

    I plan on changing to a different physician sometime this year, so I'll be using this web-site to find a better one. Thanks for sharing!

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