Dreaming of a Raspberry Strudel Cheesecake OREO Cookie

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Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about OREO Cookies? I have, and my creation was of Raspberry Strudel Cheesecake Cookies covered with White Fudge. Seriously guys, can we make this happen?

Every time I see a raspberry danish, I think how tasty it would be in a OREO Cookie. I mean what’s not to love about a scrumptious breakfast bread or dessert that could turn into a cookie and one, that you could eat all day long. Sign me up!

Have you been to Walmart lately? Just the other day while shopping at Walmart, I noticed how incredible their selections were on OREO Cookies. Holy cow!

My OREO Creation Contest

I’m a frequent shopper at my local Walmart store but I have never seen that many different varieties of OREO Cookies in the cookie aisle. In fact, I even recall seeing OREO’s on display near the front of the store too.

My OREO Creation Contest


I was so surprised to see new flavors like Red Velvet, Cinnamon Bun, Mint and even the newest cookie, OREO Salted Caramel Thins. I’m telling you, I thought that I was in cookie heaven for a minute. Tons of new delicious flavors that I can not wait to try!


My OREO Creation Contest

My OREO Creation Contest


Ever since I was a little girl, Double Stuffed OREO Cookies were my favorite. Oh yeah,  and with a tall glass of milk of course. Consider me a dipper! Still am, matter of fact!


My OREO Creation Contest

Wouldn’t it be fun to create your own OREO Cookie flavor? Now you can. You also have a chance to win $500,000 by creating and submitting your own ideas for the next OREO flavor. Cha-Ching!

Hop over to My OREO Creation Contest and submit your ideas for a new flavor. You’ll never know, unless you try. That weird flavor combination might be just what OREO is looking for.


Heck, we might even see your own flavor creation on a store shelf at Walmart or in a magazine one day. Now that would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it?

My fingers are crossed for a Raspberry Strudel Cheesecake OREO Cookie . Which OREO Cookie flavor would you like to create?

Don’t wait to long, you can enter the My OREO Creation Contest now until July 14th, 2017



*No Purchase is necessary. Open to 50 US States, including D.C./PR . Must be 18+ to enter.

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