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Well, my son has finished his first semester in college. I really can not believe how fast those months flew by. Between all the running around we did to get him prepared for that new chapter in his life and making sure he had all his books. It was overwhelming! (For me atleast).  I would like for you to know that Yes, we used Campus Book for the first time and I am so pleased about the text book rental service they offer.

Not only did Campus Book Rentals make it easy for us to rent but it was honestly our best choice. It allowed us to free that money that we saved plus we got the chance to use what we saved on other important things for him. Once I ordered his text books, his book order was delivered pretty fast.  Their rental prices include the full semester duration and free shipping on receiving and returning back. They even send email reminders and during the last month of rental, we received the paid postage envelope to send it back.

Talk about convenience!

Each book that we ordered was in great condition. In fact, they appeared new to us. Let’s talk about how much you save by renting!

As you know, text books are high priced. You can easily pay a hundred dollars or more for just one book. Let’s face it, most of the time you will only need that textbook for only that semester or when you finish that course. So why spend more when you don’t need to. My son took 5 different classes this past semester and that is not including his labs that he also took. Can you imagine, I would of paid close to $800 for this books if I didn’t have this alternative.

My son will be starting his spring semester in a few weeks and I will be renting again from them. I truly wish that this program was available when I attended college. I had two choices, buy new books which are too high in price to begin with or used and still pay a lot for them. So you see, it’s a great program for college students!

At campusbookrentals.com you will be able to rent your textbooks and save up to 80% off. That’s a remarkable deal!
There are tons of great perks by renting your text books through them like:

  • Saving you up to 80% off bookstore prices.
  • Flexible renting periods.
  • Free shipping both ways.
  • Trusted source since 2007.
  • You can highlight in the text books.
  • Risk free guarantee. You can’t beat that.
  • They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.
  • Live customer support.
  • No Membership Fee

So how does this work? Watch the short fun video to help you get started.

Each time a book is rented, Campus Book donates to a great cause called Operation Smile.
Operation Smile is a wonderful organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children. Donations are given to those families could not otherwise afford it.

It’s a wonderful organization!

Over at Campus Book Rental, they have a program called Rent Back and this is for the students that already own the books but offer to rent them to other students instead of selling them. Students will make 2-4x more money back. This is great for students to earn some of money back on those books that they paid full price for.

Here is a video of more about this rent back program:


Overall, my advice for you is rent from Campus Book before you start spending hundreds of dollars for one book for just for one class. Save yourself some time and money!

It’s the best option for my family and gives us an affordable alternative of buying books.

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