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DIY Whimsical Moss Egg Basket

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With Easter arriving soon, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite DIY egg baskets. It’s full of whimsical and fun. -And who says, Easter or egg baskets are just for kids, not me. I’m so in love with decor baskets especially around the springtime. Nothing brings more happiness when walking into a room than greenery. It’s so cheerful, don’t you agree? I absolutely love it and not to forget, so beautiful to look at.

For this basket, I wanted to also create a centerpiece that would look great on a table or a mantle.  A fun basket that can instantly tell a story. Just like my DIY Whimsical Moss Egg Basket does.

For this step by step tutorial, you will learn a few new tips that will save you some time with making the egg basket and how simple it really is to make them.

Many of these craft supplies I purchased at my local craft store. Which includes, Robin Egg Satin Blue craft paint and paint brush. I chose this color because the color really “pops” out with the green moss. It makes on lookers focus right on the eggs. I also found white plastic craft eggs in the children’s Easter section of the store. If you can find paper mache eggs, that would work  for this craft too.

Take your blue paint and pour some onto a small plate. Begin painting the eggs. Tip #1, paint one side of the egg and let dry completely.  This tip allows each egg to dry correctly plus it’s much easier to just flip the egg and continue painting until each egg is painted.




While your eggs are drying, now is the perfect time to grab your basket.  I actually upcycled an old basket since it was perfectly round with a semi-wooden handle. But if you’re looking for a great basket, find one that is fairly light such as a shallow bushel basket. They’re so much easier to work with especially when glueing the spanish moss around it.



Here comes the fun part. Creating your Whimsical Moss Egg Basket. Depending on the size of your basket, will determine how much aluminum foil you will need. Since I would consider my basket a medium to large size, I made sure that I had plenty of foil on hand.

Start with covering your basket with aluminum foil. It’s perfectly fine if it doesn’t cover the whole basket but cover up to the rim of the basket if you can. Make sure the foil is straight and touching the basket. If you noticed that some of the foil is sticking out, add a few drops of glue and let dry. That should help.  Speaking of glue, it would be ideal to get your hot glue gun and sticks ready. I used 4 mini glue sticks for this craft.




Now you can start glueing your Spanish moss. I used two different shades of moss. A more natural color with green. So basically I had two different shades of moss. You can certainly use only one shade if you desire  but, I wanted a definition look to my basket and I highly recommend using both.

This step takes a little patience. Not much, but it will take you some time with glueing your moss around your basket starting from the rim,  down. Glue directly on the aluminum foil.



During the shopping trip at my local craft store, I also found a package of green moss mixture. Inside the package  you’ll find Reindeer moss which is the brighter green “fuzzy” moss, purple colored moss, and decorative bark.  This is optional, but I would suggest for you to pick up.

I began glueing the Reindeer moss around the Spanish moss and adding a touch of the purple moss.



Inside your basket add a handful or two of the natural Spanish moss. It should be filled at least half way. Feel free to also add bright green moss and bark. You will not need to glue this step unless you’re placing the reindeer moss on the rim of the basket.



The next step is totally optional, but after your painted eggs are completely dried, add a few specks of brown paint. You can do this by using the end of the paintbrush and carefully make a few dots around the egg. You can really get creative with this step by making small or bigger size speckles.



Take one painted egg and glue the bottom of it. Place each egg in the center of the basket and firmly press down for the glue on the egg to harden on the moss. Super simple. You can add as many painted eggs as you wish but I only used four.




This step is also optional especially if your basket does not have a handle but if it does, I wrapped natural twine around and then glued more reindeer moss.   It really gives the basket a fun look.



Here is the list of craft supplies that you will need:

  • One package of Green Moss
  • One package of Natural Colored Moss
  • One mixture package of Moss (Reindeer Moss, Bark) – optional
  • Craft or Paper Mache Eggs
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Craft Paint (Robin-Egg Blue, Brown)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Basket (Round)
  • Natural Twine- optional




So what do you think? I absolutely love how my DIY Whimsical Moss Egg Basket came out. 

It’s a perfect basket just in time for Spring!

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