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DIY Spring Candles

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Hey guys, Can you believe it? Spring is right around the corner and I can not wait! I just love the warmer weather and I’m so over these cloudy, gloomy days we’ve had in the past month. Although I shouldn’t brag too much because the last few days has been gorgeous here in Florida. Warm and no humidity, just the way I like it! I say, enjoy it while you can because in another month or so the humidity will rocket and the air conditioner will be on high. Until then I’m enjoying the breeze and the fresh air.

As for spring, I’ve always loved the season. From the blooming plants and flowers to the DIY projects that you got lined up.

There is so much to look forward to in Spring. We all can agree, it brings warm temperatures, rainy days, blooming flowers and candles. Wait! What?

Yes, I said it. Candles. Especially those that you can make right the comfort of your own home. I absolutely love the smell of candles burning. Not only do they leave  a lingering fragrance throughout your home but they also can bring a decorative style to any room.


With only a few steps and supplies, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make your own. Most, if not all of the supplies, can be found at your local craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.



First you will need

  • Candle Jars (Assortment of sizes)
  • Fragrances (Wax Based)
  • Microwavable Container
  • Soy Wax
  • Wicks (Variety of lengths)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • Candle Dye
  • Stir Sticks and Wick Sticks


Begin by taking your candle wick and placing a small amount of hot glue on the bottom then placing it inside of your glass candle jar. Keep your wick centered so it will remain in the middle. The length of your wick should not be cut until after your wax has set. I’ll go over that step at the end.


Next, place your Soy Wax  in your microwavable container. You should be able to find shredded wax at your local craft store although, if you can only find small blocks that would work too. If you do use large block wax try to cut it down to smaller pieces so melting will be faster and easier. Melt as directed on the packaging although it should take 3 minutes to melt your wax in the microwave. If you find that the wax is not completely melted then repeat this step with 30- second intervals until wax is totally melted. Please use caution. The melted wax is extremely hot.

Now onto the fun stuff. Place in your scented fragrance wax inside your melted Soy Wax container. Stir around the scent by using one of your stir sticks. At this point, you should start smelling the aroma of the fragrance. Continue to stir until completely melted.


Next is the color. You can get totally wild with additional colors of candle dyes or you can make it simple and have only one color. That choice is yours.

These dyes can be also found at your local craft store near the candle making aisle. They can come in forms of tiny square shapes of wax, powder, blocks, and liquid.

Just remember, if you’re looking for a certain look of the candle, take caution on how much dye you use. Continue to stir in the color until it’s dissolved and you can see the change of color.


For this tutorial, I chose a few different colors to get that custom spring appearance that I was looking for.

Lastly, pour and set.


Take your wick stick to hold up your wick while you’re pouring in the candle wax. This will keep the wick centered as it forms. Once the wick is set, remove your wick stick and trim the wick. If you plan on using multiple colors for your candles, please allow time for each color to set.

Your wick should be trimmed to at least 1/2 inch above your wax prior to your first lighting.  As always, before lighting candles, make sure space is free from things that could catch fire and keep away from children and pets. Never leave your candles unattended.

What do you think? Pretty simple right? You’re gonna love making candles right from home. It’s so much fun and they make great gifts too.

So tell me, What DIY projects do you have planned for this Spring.

Would love to hear about your ideas.


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