DIY Doggie Countdown to Christmas Calendar

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In this household, we believe in Santa Paws. That’s right, Santa never forgets our dog Chloe. In fact, I am not sure who is more excited to see their stocking Christmas morning the kids or our dog. Needless to say, Santa loves pets too! I can’t say that I blame him, I am crazy about my dog Chloe. She is my baby that is for sure. Super spoiled and ever so loved by my whole family and is definitely on Santa’s nice list this year and here is why.

Last year we found out that Chloe has a medical condition that can not be treated without the help of surgery. Let me tell you, I was so devastated to hear this news. After having an ultrasound done, we were informed that Chloe has a bulging disc that is pressing against her spine. -And it was that diagnosis that made us realize the reason why she was having a hard time walking or moving and because of this medical condition, Chloe could become paralyzed one day. Oh my goodness, I was in tears about my puppy who is only 6 years old.

So that is why I wanted to do something special for her this year by making  a DIY Doggie Countdown to Christmas Calendar. I mean, the kids countdown to Christmas so why not our puppy Chloe. Right?

The first thing that I envisioned about the countdown to Christmas calendar was adding her favorite PEDIGREE® dog treats. Oh boy, Chloe goes a little cray-cray over these doggie snacks. That is why they would be the perfect choice to place in each pocket of the calendar.

Needless to say, off to Walmart I went. I picked up a package of PEDIGREE® Marrobone® Mini Beef Flavor Dog Snacks 15 oz size and two PEDIGREE® JUMBONE™  1ct  packages. 

-And since that I was already at my local Walmart, I also decided to pick up some of my needed craft supplies to make the countdown to Christmas calendar.





You guys, when I got home from Walmart I swear my dog Chloe could smell the PEDIGREE® Marrobone® dog snacks in the bag. She came waggin’ her tail over to me and instantly started to sniff the bag. Hahaha. I felt super bad because she knew her treats were in there. -And then she gave me those puppy dog eyes and it was over. I just had to give her one. I know that I should only reward her for doing something good but she waited so patiently. I know, I’m a bad mom. Hahaha

Has your dog tried PEDIGREE® dog snacks or treats before? If they haven’t, the holiday season would be the perfect occasion to have them try them. As you already know,  I love my pet  and I want to treat her to a Merry Christmas season and do you know what? You should too! So no matter if your dog is on the naughty or nice list this year, all dogs deserve a special treat.


DIY Doggie Countdown to Christmas


For my craft tutorial you will need the following:

  • Red Felt Fabric
  • Craft Scissors
  • Mini Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks (Minimum 20)
  • Christmas Number Pins
  • Decorative Glitter Ribbon and wide Christmas Plaid Ribbon
  • Doggie Ornament
  • Whimsical Christmas Decorative Pick
  • Green Twine
  • Wooden Dowel
  • PEDIGREE® Marrobone® Mini Beef Flavor Dog Snacks, 15 oz
  • PEDIGREE® JUMBONE™  one count  7.4 oz


DIY Doggie Countdown to Christmas Calendar


First, find a large space or large flat surface to work from. I used a tri-fold board to lay out all my materials and supplies on. It truly makes a big difference to have all the supplies that you need in front of you. Since this was the first time  for me making a countdown to Christmas calendar, it’s all about the visual! So take your time and give yourself enough space.

I began with my craft scissors and started to cut my red felt fabric. The size of the dimensions will determine how big or small you want your calendar to look like. For this tutorial I cut 15″wide  x  25″length. I have myself some wiggle room for errors and touch ups.

Next, take any extra red felt material that you may have left  and start cutting it for the tabs that will be placed on the very top of your calendar. Your tabs should be at least two 1/2″ wide to give your wooden dowel enough space to slide through your tab loops. Now take your felt fabric and cut small square boxes for the pockets. You want these pockets to big enough to place your dog treats in. I measure two inches wide and they fit perfectly side by side on the calendar.




Once you have your materials measured and cut then it’s time to start gluing.

For the next step, slightly open up your folded red felt material. Take each end and make sure they line up together. The ideal is to have both sides meet up and equally become one (double layered). Starting with the crease (folded) part of the fabric, begin placing hot glue on your material. You will repeat this step on the bottom side of the felt material.



Next, take your pre-cut tab and add hot glue near the edges of each side. Firmly press down on both glued sides until both sides of the material are together. (about one minute). Repeat this step on the other remaining pre-cut tab.



Once your tabs have set, it’s time to measure, cut, and glue on your wide holiday ribbon. For this tutorial I used a thin Christmas plaid print ribbon. You will need four of these for each row in your calendar.

Take each ribbon, flip it over then glue the back of it. Turn the ribbon back over and  firmly press down the ribbon on the calendar. You guys still with me? I know there is many steps to this tutorial but you will love how cute it comes out.



Now that you have attached the wide ribbon, it’s time to place on the treat pocket. Since this calendar is dated to Christmas Eve, you will need 24 felt pocket squares.

Place and glue each felt pocket on your ribbon. Here is a quick tip. If you plan on placing small to medium size treats in each pocket glue only around the corners of each pocket. Doing so will leave enough space to place them in.



For this whimsical  DIY Doggie Countdown to Christmas Calendar, I used these neat calendar pins that I found.  Starting on day one, adding each day to the pockets. You could easily use number stickers if you can not find them.



Here comes the best part, placing your dogs treats into each pocket. If you find that your treats are a bit heavy not to worry, your pockets are secured well from the glue.


While I was putting my final touches on the DIY Doggie Countdown to Christmas Calendar, my dog Chloe decided to join me. She was watching every move I made until she noticed the PEDIGREE® Marrobone® in the pockets.

With the leftover plaid ribbon, I decided to cover the wooden dowel to make it look more festive for the holidays. I also added a super cute plush dog ornament that I found and these awesome whimsical green glittery decorative picks. As for the green twine, if you decide that you don’t want to hang your calendar by the wooden dowel, you can use the green twine in replace of it.  -And just  before I was ready to hang up my calendar, I gave it one last trimming and cut any uneven material.

On Christmas day when everyone is opening their gifts, don’t forget to give your dog a PEDIGREE® JUMBONE™.  It’s Christmas day and Santa saved the bigger doggie treat for last.

So tell me, is your dog on the naughty or nice list this year? 

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