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Disney’s Frozen now at Build a Bear Workshop!

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build a bear workshop

 At Build a Bear Workshop every child can open up their imagination and let their dreams come true! The Build a Bear Workshop is a place where they can make their favorite stuffed animals or characters come to life.

You see, when you first walk into a Build a Bear Workshop all you see is friendships. Specially the one when your child chooses his or her new best friend. They have so many bears and animals of different sizes and colors but rest a sure , the folks at Build a Bear Workshop will be glad to help you pick all the accessories that are wanted for your new loveable friend.

There are many different styles of clothing, shoes and accessories that you can purchase separately. Making it one of a kind experience that is unique and just for your child in mind.

Build a Bear Workshop stores are located throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. These very decorative stores can be found in or near your local mall or shopping center.

I have visited a store that was locally and the staff was so helpful with assisting my daughter with her selections. They made it a pleasant experience and my daughter left so happy.

I will admit, , my daughter loves playing with her stuffed animals from Build a Bear more than any other stuffed toy she has. For the ones that she already owns, she takes great care for them and plays with them very often. I can speak as a mom watching her daughter use her imagination, I think it’s just precious.

One of things that Build a Bear Workshop does is keeping up with the modern times. Like offering new released bears and accessories. There is always a new character or collection in the horizon.

Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to review Disney’s Frozen Elsa from Build a Bear Workshop. Today, I am excited to share with you my experience.



I will have to admit, the first thing that comes into my head is Elsa singing “Let it Go”. I’m guessing since it’s a beautiful song sung by the ice queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Needless to say, the brand new Elsa from Build a Bear workshop is absolutely gorgeous! As most of you already know, Elsa is a character in the Disney’s movie Frozen. She is known for her special ice powers, being the Princess of Arendelle and the beauty that lies within her.

Build a Bear Workshop not only made Elsa to be just as magically, but she has an amazing resemblance of her from the blockbuster movie.

From her long braided snow white hair to that long beautiful gown, She certainly is beautiful. Located on the front of her gown, you will see ice blue colored shimmering sequins and white snowflakes that fall so evenly around it. Elsa’s blue eyes are beautiful and  they really stand out on this white 17″ Elsa bear.


The gown’s train was floor length from where the bear was standing. She also has the blue and white snowflakes located on her gown train. Her inner blue ears accents very well with the color of her dress.

Let’s talk shoes! Elsa’s Silver Bow Flats certainly completes Elsa’s costume. On Elsa’s hand you will find a pink paw that says BAB ( Build a Bear).

For an additional price of $8.00 you can also add the song “Let it Go” to your bear. Adding this song is quite easy and the sound was crisp!



Overall, for the past few years that I’ve worked with Build a Bear Workshop, one thing that has not changed. The highest quality and how they pay close attention to detail.

Build a Bear Workshop makes the impossible, possible with their collections of bears and characters. You see the best craftsmanship in each stuffed animal that is offer.

In my opinion, Elsa is absolutely stunning and any little girl would love to play with her. I know that my daughter can’t get enough!

For more information about Build a Bear Workshop and these new Disney Frozen Characters please visit them on their website.

Be sure to check out all of Build a Bear Workshop Frozen characters such as Anna and Olaf.

Stay connected with Build a Bear Workshop on instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and you tube.

The Disney’s Frozen Elsa Bear retails for $58.00. This includes a 17′ Elsa Bear, Costume, Silver Bow Flats and Wig. For an additional price of $8.00 you can add the song “Let it Go.


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