Disney: Super Buddies Movie Review

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If you have a family like mine that loves dogs and can’t get enough of Air Buddies or Space Buddies then your wait is over! Starting tomorrow, Disney will be releasing on DVD  their new Super Buddies movie and it’s a certainly must add to your collection. These are the cutest little pups and by far is my best choice out of these three series. What’s not to love when your pup has super powers and can fly, stretch and use their fun abilities.

Super Buddies starts off when Bartleby Livingstone (Trey Loney) celebrates his twelve birthday with friends and his favorite pups dressed as super heroes.

One of the things Bartleby would like to do when he gets older is write and illustrate super hero comic books. He has a great passion for it. Well, on his birthday he discovers that his favorite comic books and characters are true and earth is in great danger. He learns that commander Drex lands his ship on the farm at his home with the hopes to find the power of rings and that is when the Super Buddies are needed. These loveable golden retrievers (Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud) will learn what it takes to defeat Drex as they build on friendship, teamwork and commitment.



I can not say enough about this movie. It was jammed packed with action, full of laughter and most of all a great movie to watch with your whole family.

It truly brings a great message that, you don’t need super powers to be super! Loved it!

My son (7) and daughter who is (4) really enjoyed it. They both sat through the whole movie and even laughed and giggled at the funny parts.

It goes to show you that a rated G movie can be just as comical and fun to watch for all ages.


Be sure to look for Disney’s Super Buddies available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy at your local retail store starting on August 27th. It will be a tail wagg’n good time for the whole family.


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