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Lately, my daughter and I have been browsing around our Apple i-Tunes account looking for entertaining but educational apps for her.  With many choices available, it can be a hard decision to make. I know from my own experience many offer the same educational value which I have found she looses that interest very quickly. Most moms will agree that our young children don’t personally own an i-Pad So I must say that my daughter “borrows” mine from time to time. Actually most of time it’s in her hands. Nether of less, It’s important to make sure that not only she is playing educational games but it’s time well spent looking for the right apps for her.

I found using technology on i-Pads for educational apps is an excellent source and quite rewarding for my children. My daughter does extremely well with hand on learning activities that only educational apps can bring.

Kazaz! opens up a whole new world of apps for the love of interactive stories, reading and creative storytelling.

“Launched by the American Story Channel, Kazaz! is an exciting new app featuring a world of interactive, animated original stories that will challenge and ignite a child’s curiosity. Ideal for children ages 3 to 8, the digital stories combine sight, sound and touch to help maximize even the youngest child’s learning experience. Kazaz! encourages children not only to read, but to immerse themselves in learning by clicking on gems hidden throughout the app which reveal fun facts with additional information related to the story topic, potentially expanding a 10-minute read into a highly engaging learning experience that lasts for an hour or more!”





The Magic of Kazaz: This app reveals the history how Kazaz became a magical planet. It’s a free app to download on your  i-Tunes account.

Once downloaded, the planet appears and by pressing the icons they move. Currently the Magic of Kazaz is free to download although there are many different stories that will be available in the future.

When your screen views the planet , you hear a pleasant background melody sound.  Located on the planet  you will see a sailboat, lighthouse, balloon, butterfly, rainbow, train and a star. Each one represents a different story that is now available or soon will be.

By pressing those icons, a pop up will appear with a short story of what each story represents. You can zoom the screen in and out with your fingers to get a closer look. Located on the bottom of the screen is where you will see all the latest stories available. Users also have the ability to control the icon settings. This option allows you to choose from  the read to me or narrations that are available. It will also show controls for the gems and music. Parents can also make changes in settings for making a new profile or managing the current user.

As for The Magic of Kazaz app, the colors are vibrant and the words are easy to see and read. It’s a great app for children and I’m looking forward to see what’s in store for Kazaz Kids.

Also available is I am the Music Man: This sing along with the Music Man will have your child clapping and singing along with their classic children’s melodies.

There is an option if you would like to purchase this fun sing along for a special price of $1.99.

Another great app now available is The Story of Wooding: it’s a tale of a adventurous young swan who sets off on a exciting journey. You also have that option to purchase for additional fun and activities for a special price of $2.99.




Come learn and discover how Kazaz! has proven to me how wonderful and easy it is for your children to explore their educational apps.

Kazaz! on the App Store from Kazaz! on Vimeo.

Overall, Kazaz! brings to you these great apps for your children. It’s like having a digital pop up book right before your eyes. These apps not only can help your children ages 3 and up with reading but they also give them confidence in learning.  No matter what age your children are, these apps will help promote a lifetime of learning for years to come. Kazaz! engages children and adults alike through their challenging stories and a combination of light, sound and touch.

With Kazaz!, kids don’t just read a story, they experience it!

Download your free The Magic of Kazaz! app today on i-Tunes.

For more information about Kazaz! Kids visit their website.

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