Dear Santa, Don’t forget our Pets!

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QUAKER PET GROUP“Quaker Pet Group is committed to providing pet products that will enrich the lives of pets and their pet-parents world-wide. We offer innovative, solution-based products to meet all of your pets needs.”

During the season of giving, there is one thing on your list that you don’t want to forget is your friendly and loveable pet! I know for myself, my pets are apart of my family. We take great care of them to make sure they are feed, cared for, played with and most of all loved by all of us. Even though having a pet means dedication and time spent with them, it’s so rewarding at the end. To see my dog wag her tail and get so excited to see us everyday when we return home, it’s a great feeling for a pet owner.

Being that dogs are a huge responsibility for their owners,  part of their well being is purchasing what they need and use the most. My pup is certainly spoiled and to be honest, I don’t mind doing it. Not one bit!  Like I said, pets are a family member too!

During the holiday season, Santa brings my dog new treats and toys. She even has her very own stocking hung. I bet some of my readers can agree with me and I am sure they do too!

Since the holiday season is near, we get so busy with life, work, kids that sometimes we forget those who wait for us to return home after a long day at work or school. That happiness shown from your dog, cat or any animal that you own is not replaceable.  That is why during Christmastime, I make sure that Santa brings them something special just for them.

Recently, I had an opportunity to sample some of the Quaker Pet Group products like the go Dog bedding , holiday collection toy and a Hear Doggy play toy for our dog.

Today, I am excited to share with you my experiences and opinions on these reviews.



Go Dog is a lovable brand from Quaker Pet Group. They offer chew toys with Chew Guard  technology for all sizes of dogs. They even have go Dog bedding such as their go Dog Bedzzz.

Go Dog  Bedzzz is great for crates or floor bedding.  Their oh so soft Bedzzz comes in a variety of colors like tan and cocoa brown. You will love to learn that, go Dog Bedzzz has the Chew Guard technology and is made for some tough loving!

This shag style bedding is available in six sizes of Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and XX Large.

Go Dog has made the Bedzzz conveniently sized for all dog breeds.

  • XS: 18″ x 13″
  • SM: 23″ x 17″
  • MD: 30″ x 19″
  • LG: 35″ x 23″
  • XL: 43″ x 28″
  • XXL: 49″ x 30″

Meet our dog Chloe! She is a purebred of the Beagle family. Like most Beagles out there, they are such a family loving pet. Honestly, she brings tons of joy in our lives every day. Such a good girl! Most Beagles have that “howl” but thankfully Chloe does not. Being that she is almost 5 years old, she is still very playful with toys and such.

When I first placed the go Dog Bedzzz down she automatically did the sniff test. Walking around and around checking it out. She finally started to lay down and began moving the Bedzzz around to her liking. So funny to watch her do that. I could tell that she was content and happy about her new soft bedding. She even gave me a few licks to show me her thanks.

She is definitely a dog that likes her space so the size large was perfect for her use. Overall, I think Chloe gives go Dog Bedzzz two paws up for the soft and loving space that she needs.



I also got a chance to review some of go Dog Holiday Collection toys for her. Since she is very wise about her play toys, she really enjoys the squeakers and plush toys the best. It’s fun to watch her carry them around the house. She also loves to play fetch too. This friendly bright blue hippo is just as cute in person as the picture below. With it’s adorable red earmuffs and white fluffy scarf, this is a great toy for the holidays. It is also has the Chew Guard resistant which is perfect for my pup.

Another brand of the Quaker Pet Group is Hear Doggy.

Hear Doggy Flats allows your dogs to enjoy all the squeaking noises they want without the owners having to hear it. Since dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency than humans, their toys allow dogs to tune into an ultrasonic range. I will admit, I didn’t hear one thing while I was squeezing the green gator but Chloe ears perked up and I knew she heard it!

Overall, Chloe was impressed about her new dog toys from the Quaker Group. She gives them two paws up! For a tail wagging good time, check out all their Holiday toys this season.



For more information about Quaker Pet Group and the pet products they offer, please visit their website.

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