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Create your FREE personalized Santa Greeting!

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“The world famous Santa video messages are back for a 7th holiday season and they are more magical than ever”.
“Portable North Pole (PNP) creates the world’s most engaging, personalized Santa video messages. PNP is an enchanted portal that brings Santa Claus into every home around the world to delight children and families. A super milestone will be reached this season, with 100M Santa’s personalized video message views since 2008 and we’re thrilled to share the exciting news that the PNP experience is now free for everyone”.

With only 23 days left for Christmas, I thought that this would be a perfect time to tell you all about the Portable North Pole  and my experience.




Creating a personalized message to your loved one from Santa is a memory that will last all year long. This kid safe certified website called Portable North Pole was created to bring some magic into your loved ones lives. You have many options to choose from when making this user friendly video. Here are some of The classic video features:

  • Free
  • 3 Minute Video
  • Upload two photos
  • Personalized Touches (Naughty or Nice List)
  • Add good deeds
  • Unlimited desktop playback
  • Add up to 9 personalized items
  • Video sync with mobile device not included
  • Video expires 06/30/2015





Along with the free Portable North Pole Classic video, you can also purchase a premium video for $3.99. On this video, there is more features such as:

  • 3 Different Story lines to choose from
  • 5 Minute Video
  • Uploaded 5 photos
  • Free Video sync with mobile devices
  • Add up to 16 personalized items
  • Exclusive footage from Santas Village
  • Unlimited desktop and mobile playback
  • Video sync with mobile device via the FREE app included (coming soon)
  • Video expires 06/30/2015



For my review, I was granted access to the Portable North Pole Unlimited Holiday Pass and in my opinion the best one! Just look what you receive for $9.99.

  • Unlimited Premium and Christmas Eve Videos
  • Unlimited calls from Santa
  • Unlimited access throughout the Holiday Season
  • Unlimited desktop and mobile playback
  • Upload 5 photos
  • 3 Different Story Lines
  • 5 Minute Video
  • Up to 22 Call scenarios
  • Video sync with mobile device via the FREE app included (coming soon)
  • Videos expire 06/30/2015



I will say, a few years ago I created a video for my sons with Santa in it and honestly wasn’t the best quality. The Portable North Pole is special way to get your children excited for what’s to come this month.

Santa is checking his list twice and gonna find out who’s naughty or nice because Santa Claus is coming to town. Oh I love this time of the year.


On the Portable North Pole website, you must first register your information. Once you have created your account then it’s time for the adults to have some fun.

During my review, I created 4 premium videos and 2 grown up videos as well. Also four calls were received from Santa.

To start personalizing your video, you must create your recipient. Choose a boy or girl, add your child’s name then confirm it’s pronunciation, add a photo of your child, date of birth, choose the country and state then add your relationship with that child. Pretty simple right?

The next page is where you will add some of their personal information. Like if the child is on the nice or naughty list, daily events in your child’s life, effort asked of this child (like being good in school), a gift that the child is asking for Christmas. You can add a picture too!

On your third page, you will add one of the three video scenarios available.A Song just for you, Secret Places and Movie Star. Next your gonna add 4 of your child’s friends names and add 2 photos for their souvenir album. You can also add a picture of your child’s home. Lastly, go over everything you did by proofreading then confirm. Your video is now ready to be shared by email or watched from the Portable North Pole website.

Let’s talk excitement! When I created my Santa videos and showed them to my children, they couldn’t believe how Santa knew where they lived and how old they were. My daughter who is 5 years old says to me mom, I am so excited that Santa sent me this video. He does watch me and he knew that I try my best in school too. He even knows that I wanted an Elsa doll for Christmas. Her face showed it all!  She grinned from ear to ear.

When Santa called my house, she couldn’t hold the excitement in, She said yes Santa it’s me, yes I have been good all year and I can’t wait for Christmas Santa.

As a mom and seeing your child glow from this much excitement was quite magically.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below.




Overall, what a unique and special moment it is for your child when you create your free Santa video.  It just makes the season brighter hearing from the man in the red suit and white fluffy beard doesn’t it?

Readers,  take advantage of saving 20% off when you purchase your unlimited premium Santa Greetings. Use BLG20BKP during checkout.


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Happy Holidays!

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