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Who doesn’t love coupons right? Well look no further and say goodbye to clipping those coupons in your sunday paper. Now you can save online and use these digital coupons right away from Coupon

I was excited and thrilled to be given a chance to review Coupon Chief . com after they contacted me. I mean what’s not to like about saving money right?

These days saving on your purchases means a lot for most households and specially mine with a family of 6.  If your anything like me, then you know shopping online is so much easier and less of a headache then going inside a retail store to make your purchases. Half the time I forget my coupons or discounts at home and then end up spending way to much at the register. I specially love those awesome cash back rewards from Kohl’s and other retail stores as well. Using discount codes are just fabulous if you ask me. I love using them.  In fact just recently, I was looking to save money on purchasing flowers and right on Coupon Chief’s website site their was a discount code for me to use to get 20% off. It’s so easy to use and not to mention no more clipping coupons to get my savings.

What’s great about Coupon Chief . com is their digital coupons are absolutely free and you don’t even need to sign up to emails to receive your coupons or discounted codes if you don’t want too but I highly recommend that you do because you can get your favorite stores coupon or discount codes directly sent to your email and doing so will give you piece of mind knowing that you will never miss out!



They truly make it easy for you to search your stores and get those discounts quickly. When using their site you will be able to find:

  • Over 100,000 online merchants or stores
  • You can copy the discount codes
  • Easily paste the merchants discount code that is available during your check out
  • The best thing is that your saving without clipping

Now don’t get me wrong Coupon Chief still has coupons that are available to print but it’s a wonderful alternative to use those digital coupons that are available. If you see a coupon that is printable it will say or have “print this coupon” located on the merchants offer.

Another great feature that Coupon Chief has is their Pays to Share Program. That is when you submit a coupon and code to the rest of the site and you get paid 2% of the sales. Once your account reaches $25 then you can request and receive your payout. Pretty cool huh! I bet that you never thought sharing these coupons could make you money? Well think again, because it does now. Thanks to Coupon Chief you can make money just by uploading coupons and sharing the savings.

Want to learn more on how this works?

Coupon Chief is certainly taking couponing to the next level when it comes to saving money on your online purchases. I just love this site!

Did I even mention that these discounts and coupon codes are not just for retail but you can find coupon deals on traveling, health, furniture or jewelry so you name it they have it! In fact I just found a Coupon Chief coupon code for Target that I am excited to use towards a gift for Father’s Day.

546479_10151694713280230_936524522_nPhoto Courtesy of Coupon Chief

You can stay up to date with Coupon Chief. com by following them on facebook, twitter and check them out on google+.


This is a sponsored post. The products or deals that I blog about I use them and my opinions may differ from yours. I was not influenced by the compensation that I may have received.




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