Cooling off with NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan

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Guys, I don’t know about you but the weather here in Florida is certainly getting warmer. It’s like we went from those cold and chilly days, to summer overnight. Skipping the spring like weather all together and honestly, it’s like turning off a light switch. Usually in April, we see some rain but mostly high temperatures in the 80’s. Even though it’s still comfortable at night some days not so much.

When the humidity kicks in, it really makes it quite difficult to enjoy the outdoors specially during the day time. I will say that I am one lucky gal to have a pool. Keeping my children comfortable during these hot months is important to me. Most days, they will just hop into the pool to get cooled off although for me, I am the one that sits and watches them swim but in the mean time, I am sweating and not feeling relieved like they get from swimming.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to go swimming with my children but there are those days that I don’t. That is when the NewAir AF-520B will come in handy. I can sit and relax on my lounge chair, catch some rays and drift away from the heating by using this awesome misting fan.


The NewAir AF-520B 18″ Outdoor Misting Fan provides a powerful but yet gentle breeze. It gives you relief from being in sun or hot temperatures as the mist cools up to 500 square feet of space. It’s oscillating head allows this fan to circulate back and forth to give you the best cooling results. You also have the fan targeted to one area or person by adjusting the direction.

Having the ability to change the height is a great feature to have specially when cooling off the kids and will target the airflow towards them better.

The push buttons located on the front of the NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan allows you to selection 1 of 3 speed settings.


Setting up the fan initially was as simple as it can get. Specially for me. I will say, I am not the one that normally puts things together in my household. My husband seems to help me out in that department but I was on my own when putting this together.

By reading the step by step instructions, I was able to put this together within 20 minutes. Like I said, very simple and only one tool was needed which is a phillips screwdriver. Once the fan was fully together and ready to operate, I connected the misting hose that is attached to the fan to my garden hose. Now remember, you can place the fan just about anywhere you want since what really matters is where you plug this in.


For me, this was easy enough since I have a few outdoor electrical outlets.

One thing that you do need to keep in mind is safety. Even though this fan is for outdoor use, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it out overnight or consistently plugged in. Not to mention that high electric or water bill you will receive the next month. 🙂

Another great feature that the AF-520B has is, how stable it is. I’m sure you have seen or maybe own an upright pedestal fan but have you ever noticed how the base is made from a light weight plastic? I certainly have. Most fans can be top heavy so having a sturdy base makes a world of a difference and luckily the NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan has one.

If that doesn’t get you excited then you will when you find out that you can also use this fan indoors. Of course minus the misting but heck it’s like getting a 2 in 1 fan.


So overall, the NewAir 18″ Misting Fan is great to have when you need to cool off from the sizzling hot temperatures of the outdoors. It’s portable and lightweight to move. Placing it in your desired spot on your patio or lanai allows you and your family to stay comfortable while getting lightly misted and cooled off. It certainly feels refreshing and more enjoyable to sit outside while in use.



I am very satisfied and highly recommend NewAir to all my readers.

You can also check out my Youtube video here.

The AH-5208 NewAir 18″ Outdoor Misting Fan retails for $129.95 and up. It’s currently available at Home Depot , Air n Water, Amazon and

For more information about NewAir and the products they offer, please visit their website.

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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Summer is coming up here in Boston (hopefully lol), so I think we could use a couple of these throughout our house. It sounds like a perfect way to cool off.
    • Michele

      I'm heading up to Boston in July, I wonder if this fan could be considered as a carry on. hahaha.. Thanks for visiting!
  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    This looks and sounds like a great, reliable fan. Last summer was so hot and I could have done with one of these to cool down!
    • Michele

      Yes, it was were I am too. Those summer days sneak up on you. Check them out.
  • Jacqueline

    These are seriously so awesome for camping! I could not live without my screen house mister fan! It is already so, so hot here in Florida. I don't know how I'm going to get through another summer down here lol. Hopefully lots of fans will help :)
  • Astrid

    I'd say send some Florida warmth my way! It cang et into the 80s or even 90s here in summer too though. This misting fan sounds great for on hotter days. 500 square feet is a large space to mist.
    • Michele

      Thanks for visiting Astrid. Yes I will send some great sunshine your way. The fan works so awesome. Love using it! Cools you off so fast too!
  • Jeanine

    Wow this looks great! I can't sleep without a huge fan pointing on me. But thay mist? That's a really cool, unique feature! I've never heard of that before! How cool!
  • CourtneyLynne

    Misting fans are awesome! My parents have one by there pool and it's the best thing ever in the summer when your laying out it the sun & wanna cool off, yet don't wanna jump into the pool!
  • Aprill

    With Mississippi's heat fast approaching, this seems like a really cool gadget for outdoor fun! Thank you for the awesome review.
  • Badet Siazon

    This is perfect for us this time of the year. It's summer in here and the temperature is expected to rise at 30++ C.
  • Chubskulit Rose

    What a very cool concept. This would be great for the summer time when you want to enjoy a relaxing time at the porch or at your patio.
  • Bonnie @ wemake7

    This sounds great for this Summer. I'm glad to see it's available at Home Depot, will have to see if they have it.
  • Rosey

    This would have been wonderful for our outdoor entertainment area when we lived in Florida. We had ceiling fans out there, but it still got hot!
  • Chrystal @ YUM eating

    I think summer is on its way to MI ;) I tell you what, I wish I had one of these when I lived in OK and the temps would top out with the heat index around 130. Those days I sure dont miss.
  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    This is awesome! My family and I want a misting fan over summer because it can be really hot in our area. Thank you for a wonderful review :)
  • Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    It is Summer here in the Philippines and it is hot. My daughter and her cousins swim in a n inflatable and I'm the one who watches them. I so need this misting fan!
  • Angela

    I understand about the florida heat.. I live in Tampa area and it's def getting hotter. I love this item and defiantly need it. I am in the process of moving and where im moving to has a screened in back porch where this would fit perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing this :)
  • Yona Williams

    I do not do well in the summertime, and something like this would be perfect for me. I can see myself bringing this over to my parent's house.

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