Comfort Research XL Fuf Chair Review

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Recently, I was honored to review the XL Fuf Chair from Comfort Research to review and I am pleased to share my views with you.

Comfort Research is an outstanding company that specializes in modern design seating for your home.  Their special designed chairs will bring you the comfort that you need and are looking for. Comfort Research believes in “if it’s not comfortable to sit in it doesn’t make to their production line”. I truly believe in that statement. I also believe that these chairs are made from high quality materials and are extremely of great value. They have took the time to seek what consumers are seeking such as a modern, hip or classic design seating.


What is great about these chairs that they offer is the variety of colors and fabrics that are available in their collections. Besides the Fuf Chair Collection, Comfort Research has wonderful bean bags, their Big Joe collection and also Video Gaming Collection chairs. In the Fuf Chair Collection they offer ten different designs to seat your pleasure.


The Xl Fuf Chair comes in colors of red, blue, black, brown and a olive color. It’s one of a kind patented memory foam will keep you relaxed as it contours to your body. The  texture of this durable fabric is very soft to the touch. What is great about the  XL Fuf Chair is how well it can blend it well with your other furniture and can be easily used in a bedroom, playroom, basement, dorm room, living room or family room.

bUpon receiving my Fuf in the mail I was so excited to see how actually it works. Being that the XL Fuf is 70lbs I was expecting a huge box delivered. It was not the case at all.

The Fuf chair was actually vacuumed tight in the box which makes it easier to ship and unpack. I was pleasantly surprised when I took it out how small that it was at first. Part of the process was to Fluff your chair for a minimum of 7 days to see it’s full potential. I must say after my initial Fluff I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like magic, I could actually see the memory foam expanding and my Fuf getting bigger and bigger. I was in total “WoW” when I was watching it. My children said ” mom this is the coolest chair ever”! I couldn’t agree more with them. It is amazing!

Here is a picture of my Fuf on the 1st day of receiving it.


Here is a picture of the 2nd day.


It doesn’t look like the same Fuf Chair at all.  It actually raised higher and taller than my couch perhaps about 3 feet tall. I couldn’t get over how something that started in a small box could reach that size within only a few days. Just like fluffing a pillow is all you need to do with this XL Fuf Chair. Let me just say it’s so comfortable to lounge on it. In fact both of my youngest children laid on it and there was tons of room left.

On the 7th day here is a picture my favorite chair in my home.


Don’t ya just love it!

This chair has been placed in my sons bedroom and he loves it.  I find him lounging while he is texts his friends. Must be nice 🙂

You can visit Comfort Research on their website to view this XL Fluf Chair and to inquire about their amazing other products.

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