Coffee Lovers Rejoice with the New Ninja Coffee Bar System

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I know what you’re thinking right now. Wow, isn’t she pretty! Oh yes coffee lovers, she is.

Meet the new Ninja Coffee Bar® System. Coffee lovers are going crazy over it.

My friends, it’s time to sprinkle the coffee grinds and let Santa’s elves know that this is a must-have gift for you this Christmas.  Not only because you’re going to love using it at home, but just wait until you see how many useful features it has.

Can I just say, brewing my own specialty coffee at home makes me feel like a barista. Take it from me, a woman who has only started drinking coffee in the last few months. Oh, I know what your thinking. Why did you wait this long? I know, I’m a little late in the game, but boy I’m making up for it now. I just love being able to brew my own individual cup of coffee at home or taking it on the go.

My husband is a true coffee lover. He enjoys a cup during the day and at night after dinner. So I guess that you say, coffee is his thing.  As for me, I love making my own cup of coffee since my husband and I both enjoy different flavors and styles of coffee.  I love mocha frappucinos especially when I add whipped cream or even chocolate syrup to it. So yummy right?

Cappuccinos are also a must for me. They’re so delicious in any season of the year.  Don’t you agree?

That is why the new Ninja Coffee Bar® System works for us. My husband and I are able to brew different styles of coffee just from one coffee system that does it all!

Maybe some of you are thinking well, it’s only a coffeemaker. They all do the same thing. Well, I hate to tell you but the Ninja Coffee Bar® System is not your ordinary coffee maker. It’s called a coffee bar system for a reason and I can tell you why.




The Ninja Coffee Bar® System is like no other coffee brewer on the market. -And yes, it comes with all the bells and whistles that will help you make a smooth cup of coffee.  On the panel, you will find three push settings to customize the brew of your coffee. To get started, select Classic Brew, Rich Brew, or Over Ice Brew. You can also choose your cup size by changing the dial. Super simple! From there, select your cup size. You have four opitions to choose from. Select from either cup, xl cup, travel mug, or multi serve.

Since this coffee bar system has Thermal Flavor Extraction, it delivers the right amount of water and flavor richness that unlocks the best full flavor in your coffee. The new Ninja Coffee Bar® requires coffee grinds only. So no need to find k-cups. This beaut requires only coffee grinds.




Let’s talk about the features Specialty Brew and Cafe Forte.

Specialty brew is a key ingredient that allows you to create a super-rich concentrate in all kinds of milk-based, iced, and frozen coffeehouse drinks.

If you’re a coffee lover of deep and complex flavored coffee then the feature Cafe Forte is so for you. If you take your coffee black then this setting is also for you.

Another feature that is a pure joy to have is the Preheat Mode. On traditional coffee makers you must wait for your coffee maker to heat up before it begins but not with the preheat feature here on the Ninja Coffee Bar.

When your already plugged in , your Ninja Coffee Bar® will stay ready in pre-warmed mode unless you put the brewer into power save mode.

I think Drip Stop is one of many features that I love on this brewer. You can stop the flow of coffee from the brewing basket instantly. Doing so allows you to pour a cup mid-brew. This is great for us moms, when our mornings are hectic and we need to get out the door fast.





The Multi-Serve Cup platform is easy as pie to adjust. All you need to do is place your favorite cup onto the platform. If you’re planning on  using a travel mug or multi-serve XL Ninja tumbler, just push the platform up. Super simple!  Oh my goodness, the multi-serve XL Ninja tumbler is huge guys. You will be absolutely amazed by it! It’s the best size for on the go or when we need a little extra.





I know what else that you’re going to love, the Premium Permanent Filter. Oh yes!

It’s a reusable filter that preserves the natural coffee oils and coffee particles to give you the best robust flavor. Not like other permanent filters, this premium permanent one from Ninja is superior comparing to others on the market. Just by feeling the thick texture, you will see and feel the difference.

It’s also a similar filter that you would find in a french press.  Don’t worry about your coffee grinds falling because the premium filter material is thick but it will allow your grinds to give you the best flavors of coffee.




Since the Ninja Coffee Bar® System has a removable water reservoir, this feature allows you to fill it up quickly with water. Having the easy access flip top lid also allows you to add water when needed.




Who loves milk froth in your coffee? This is my favorite thing to do with my coffee now. It’s so cool! I love using it!

Frothing your milk is very easy if you have the Ninja Coffee Bar® System. In fact, it can be done with just a push of a button. I honestly didn’t know until this review how much fun it is to make my own froth for coffee.




Ninja Coffee Bar® System has an integrated frother on the side of the brewer. It transforms milk into a smooth and velvety foam topping. Can you say yum? When I say, it transforms your milk I mean it. Super foamy and so delicous. Wow, what a difference it makes!







So grab a slice of pie, your favorite coffee grinds and get ready for a new coffeehouse experience right at home.  It’s better than any coffee system that we’ve ever had. We can create our very own coffee recipes and enjoy them right from home.

The Ninja Coffee Bar® Single Serve System is the perfect kitchen appliance to have in my household. When guests come over, I can make them a fresh cup of coffee just how they would like it. I don’t need any special attachments to make a cup of iced coffee or a regular cup. That is why I love the Auto- iQ feature on the new Ninja Coffee Bar®. Just select the brew type and size. The system knows exactly how much water to add. That’s right, there is no need for second guesses.

Along receiving your Ninja Coffee Bar® Single Serve System, you will also get one amazing recipe book. In this 40 recipe guide, you will find coffee recipes that are very easy with only a few ingrediants. Also, it may inspire you to try something new too.  I love it! I actually found a signature recipe in the recipe book called Cinnamon Graham Coffee. I will admit, I didn’t have graham crackers on hand but I did have gingersnaps so I used those instead and oh boy, was it good! . If you like honey, molasses, and melted marshmallows for the topping then this coffee recipe is for you. It will warm your heart trust me.

Another recipe that I made with the Ninja Coffee Bar® Single Serve System was a Sugar Cookie Frappuccino. I drizzled chocolate syrup and topped it with whipped cream. Looks dreamy right?

One more thing, turn your Ninja Coffee Bar® and you will find a built in measuring scoop for your coffee grinds. It comes in handy having it located in the back for easy access.




For more information about the new Ninja Coffee Bar® System or how you can purchase it, visit their website.

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So tell me, how do you take your coffee?

Do you love cappuccinos, iced coffee lattes, flavored hot coffee or macchiatos? 





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