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Cinnamon Roll Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Nothing like a ice cream sandwich on a hot day to satisfy that sweet tooth. When it comes to ice cream, my family and I love it! There is no shame.

The heat index is pretty high here in Florida during the summer months so making special treats like the Cinnamon Roll Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich is one of our favorites.

We love creating new desserts and yummy treats that the whole family can enjoy. Those simple and easy to make recipes are the ones I look for. I will admit, my kids smell something cooking in the kitchen and they want it now. It’s hard for them to understand and realize that preparing and cooking takes time so choosing meals or desserts that are simple and take less time to prepare is something I look for.

These Cinnamon Roll Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches are not only affordable to make but are super easy and taste so good.  Between the sweet taste from the cinnamon, the icing and the yummy ice cream inside of them, they are just heavenly!

All you need is a waffle maker and a few ingredients to make these ice cream sandwiches. The best part is they can be made in 30 minutes or less.

You can serve them immediately or place them in your freezer for a later time. My kids love coming home from school and grabbing one from the freezer. Nothing beats homemade!

There are so many ideas that come to mind when making these. You can add special candies to the ice cream or even do without the icing.



Sweet and delicious is the best way to describe this fun new outlook on ice cream sandwiches. The Cinnamon roll is soft and with each bite you taste, you indulge the rich cinnamon, icing and your favorite ice cream.

One of our front-runner flavored ice cream’s is the cookie dough with chocolate chips. My family loves the taste of chunks of cookie dough mixed in the ice cream specially the kids. Heck, I can’t blame them it’s one of my favorites as well.

It’s not absolutely necessary to add the icing but boy is it pleasing to the taste buds.

So if your looking for a new way to serve your ice cream give the Cinnamon Roll Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich a try.


What’s your favorite Ice Cream? 





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  • Carmen Perez (listen2mama)

    Oh my, how delicious is this?? Not good for my diet at all, it's so hard to see these posts and not go running to the kitchen to make these delightful desserts!
  • Audrey (@trihardmom)

    Yummy! These look delicious and I am sure my kids would love them! We are in Alabama and it has already been so warm that we are enjoying ice cream and going to the swimming pool! Will definitely try these. My daughter LOVES cinnamon rolls and ice cream!
  • Sharon Erickson - Her Organized Chaos

    I like to call this... GENIUS! What?! I want to make this! I know my family would love this.
  • Tammilee tips

    Oh my gosh these look absolutely amazing! I love to use my waffle iron to make different things I am going to have to try this out.
  • Jen

    LOL I love Ice cream also and have NO SHAME! I really don't have a favorite flavor, I LOVE THEM ALL! I am in GA, so we are always stocked up on ice cream, especially in the summer! This looks so yummy! I am going to try this, and trust me I don't say that a lot LOL! Thanks for sharing! I'm a new reader and LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
  • Adrienne

    Ice cream is my weakness and these look exceptional. How on earth do you come up with such creative food ideas?! So talented! Thanks for sharing.
  • Esther of Local Adventurer

    now I need to get myself a waffle maker.. these look absolutely delicious!! and i'm so glad they're easy to make!
  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    These sounds aboslutely divine!!! I used to love ice cream sandwiches as a child...I need to make them for my kids now!
  • Sharon

    Boy do I know what you mean about the heat! Living in Phoenix it's always so friggin hot! And I am luvn your recipe...sounds delicious!
  • Sarah Marturano

    Wow, these look incredible! How delicious! The perfect treat for a hot summer day! Thanks for sharing these.
  • Erica @ The Crumby Cupcake

    HOW DARE YOU. How dare you combine two of my favorite things and make me want one so desperately when i don't have any ice cream in the house!! These looks seriously tasty! Sign me up!! Pinned!

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