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Cinnamon Caramel Ice Coffee

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cinnamon caramel ice coffee


Ahh, nothing like a Cinnamon Caramel Ice Coffee only days before Christmas. Who says you can’t enjoy an delicious chilled beverage during winter? Oh not me.

When it comes to coffee, who can resist it? My family has always been big on coffee. In fact, my husband will make himself a cup day or night. I guess you can say, he just loves the taste regardless the time of the day. I’m more of a mocha latte or ice coffee lover and those specialty brews that you can only find in those expensive coffeehouses. Let’s be honest, It’s pretty hard to afford them everyday so what’s the next best thing?

Becoming your very own Barista with your new Ninja Coffee Bar!

OMG Guys, if you’re still looking for that perfect Christmas gift you gotta pick one of these up. No Joke! The Ninja Coffee Bar comes with a recipe book with tons of easy coffee recipes that you’re gonna flip over and twenty of them are Sofia Vergara’s signature recipes. -And they’re sooo good!


Ninja Coffee Bar

Meet The Ninja Coffee Bar. This Auto-iQ one touch intelligence Coffee Bar system is exactly what you need for your home. You can select your desired size and brew. It totally brings a whole new way of loving that fresh cup of coffee in the mornings or anytime during your day.

In the box you’ll find The Ninja Coffee Bar, a glass carafe, hot & cold insulated tumbler with straw, permanent filter and an easy Ninja Frother. Yup, I said a Ninja Frother! Can someone say, cappuccinos! Oh yes!

Let’s not forget that awesome 100 coffeehouse style recipe book. My gawd, there is so many new twists on brewing your favorite coffees. Do you like your coffee served as a classic brew? Perhaps a richer blend? How about over ice? What about a specialty brew?

You name it, it can be done with The Ninja Coffee Bar.



The permanent filter is optional when using your Ninja Coffee Bar although you can still use size #4 cone filters for a cleaner cup of coffee. For me, having a permanent coffee filter is the best! It provides more of a robust flavor which my husband loves. The best part, I can hand wash it then reuse it right after. Don’t get me wrong, we love paper filters but not worrying about running out of them is great!




Bring on the coffee! Since I was brewing a travel cup, I decided to make my husband one of his favorites. Cinnamon Mocha Latte. Well, OK it’s one of my favorites too but how could I not resist a little taste. First, I added water in the reservoir, placed in 4 tablespoons of ground coffee and an 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon into the permanent filter then pressed the specialty brewed button. While my delightful coffee was brewing, I added milk to my frother then placed it in the microwave for one minute. After my milk became foamy I poured it on top of my brewed coffee and of course, I added some chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Yum!




Let’s talk features. The Ninja Coffee Bar has a programmable delay brew, an intelligence clean cycle indicator which alerts you when your brewer needs a cleaning, drip stop that allows you to pour a cup mid brew. How fabulous is that!

You can also control the size of the cup, brew style, program the time and keep the carafe warm during cups. The Ninja Coffee Bar also has an 2 hour automatic shut off which is great when you need to leave the house unexpectedly.




Since all was quiet in my house, I decided to brew myself a travel mug of Cinnamon Caramel Ice Coffee topped with Peppermint Chocolate. You can only imagine how delicious it was but I will tell you, being able to sit back and enjoy this Holiday beverage was like giving a present to myself.

Dialing up the rich flavor of coffee and selecting any style, any size at any time during the day, is perfect for any avid coffee drinker. Being able to do so in the comfort of your home, truly is the best.

Cinnamon Caramel Ice Coffee:

4 Tablespoons of Ground Coffee

1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon

2 Cups of Ice

2 Tablespoons of Half & Half

2 Tablespoons of Caramel Syrup


Place ice, half & half and caramel syrup into a large plastic cup, set cup aside.

Add your coffee grinds and cinnamon into the brew basket.

Select the Travel Mug size and Over the Ice button then brew.

Once finished, combined both and stir.

Add delicious toppings like shaved Peppermint Chocolate.






Having The Ninja Coffee Bar in my home has changed my mind about coffee. I can’t even begin to tell you how many recipes we’ve tried already. Each one has been so delicious and easy to make. Being able to brew my coffee just like how they do it in coffeehouses, is a game changer.

In my opinion, The Ninja Coffee Bar is one machine that does it all. The features on the panel are easy accessible, it has an multi serve cup platform that allows me to choose my favorite mug, cup or travel mug and carafe. There is an removable water reservoir with auto metering so there is no need to measure and constantly refill. -And What’s not to love about that.





For more information about The Ninja Coffee Bar and where to purchase please visit their website.

Stay connected with Ninja Coffee Bar on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


So tell me. What is your favorite blend of coffee?

Which recipe makes you a Barista in our own home?

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