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Christmas Morning will be all Smiles with Our Generation Dolls

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Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored by Our Generation. The content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Hello friends, meet Parker. She is one of the many beautiful Our Generation Dolls that are now available. Have you heard of Our Generation Dolls before?

Our Generation Dolls or as many call, OG Girls is known for their pristine dolls that have their own story to tell. -And I will say, nothing falls short of expectation when it comes to Our Generation Dolls. It’s their mission to help honor our next generation of girls. The best part about them, it’s not just about dolls. It’s about a website where girls in our generation can weigh in on issues or causes that are important to her.

Along with their pristine and beautiul craftsmanship shown on every doll they offer, their accessories like the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck will win any little girls heart. Not only will your children have loads of fun playing with it but it also includes a massive amount of ice cream accessories.

How cool is that? Do you know what else is pretty awesome? The Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck has real working features.

For the last few years, I’ve had the honor to partner with Our Generation Dolls to give my readers  a closer look and review of their beautiful dolls and accessories. -And today, I am pleased to showcase Parker with the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck.




My friends, don’t you just love how beautiful Parker is? Her face is gorgeous!

Parker is an 18″ inch non-posable doll from the Our Generation Dolls Hair Play collection. Which means if you have a little girl at home who loves to brush her dolls hair then Parker is one for her. Along with having long light brown hair, Parker silky hair features beautiful long braids. I don’t know about your little girl but mine loves to get creative with dolls that have long hair. Just like you and me, there are endless ways for us to polish our hairdos so why not for our children’s dolls.

And, how adorable is Parker’s outfit? She is wearing a short sleeve pink ruffle dress that has a dainty cream color crochet vest. She is also wearing a fashionable brown belt to complete her fashion statement. You will also find that Parker wears brown ballet shoes and an adorable flower headband to match her outfit.




I also wanted to point out how Parker’s long hair has beautiful highlights. As you can see from my picture below how long her hair actually is.

If your little girl is looking for some new inspiration on how to create a hairstyle for Parker, not to worry because she comes with her own hairstyle booklet. It’s pretty exciting to read them all even for parents.




Nothing gets me more excited to share with you about the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck. I mean who doesn’t remember the ice cream truck roaming around the neighborhood when you was a child. I surely do. It brings back so many great memories of Summer.

The Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck is one accessory that your child will absolutely love to play with on Christmas Day. It’s part of Our Generation’s Fun and Adventure accessories collection. Here is a tip, you can find the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck at your local Target store.




This super fun accessory comes jammed packed with all the goodies that you would find sold in an ice cream truck. To name a few, it contains items like ice cream sundaes, pretzels, donuts, ice cream cones, paper cups, and slushies to name a few. But like you can see, Our Generation Dolls thought of everything that my daughter would love inside an ice cream truck.




Are you ready for some fun? The Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck has features that really work. Oh yes, it does!

If you turn the steering wheel or press the buttons near the driving console you will notice the headlights and brake lights flash. Just like a regular car. Do you know what else is pretty cool? The windshield wipers really work and the truck plays three different songs too.






Do you know what else I’m wild about? Your little girl will be able to personalize her own ice cream truck serving menu by using real chalk on the chalkboard. Amazing right? There is so much fun that is in store for your little girl with playing with the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck and doll Parker.

Once your little girl sees all the features this ice cream truck has, her imagination will roam trust me.




Our Generation Dolls

So tell me, what do you think about Our Generation Dolls and accessories?

For more information about other Our Generation Dolls and accessories, please visit their website.















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