Cheesy Egg & Bacon Breakfast Wreath

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Ahh, Sunday mornings are truly the best day of the week. Well, at least for me they are. Not only do we get to sleep in a little late but it’s a day when I make a huge breakfast for my family. It’s something that I do without much hesitation. The kids and even my husband love waking up from the aroma that lingers through my home. Bacon being one of them. Mmm Hmm So Good!

We are so busy during the weekday that it’s very difficult to plan, cook and sit down to enjoy a breakfast meal. Specially all together.

So over this past weekend, I wanted to create some of our favorite breakfast foods all wrapped up in one. Granted, my Cheesy Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Wreath is nothing out of the ordinary but it sure was a hit for my family.

This breakfast dish might be simple to make but the ending result shows no comparison. It’s so scrumptious!

First your gonna need a few ingredients.

° Croissant Rolls

° Eggs

° Bacon (My favorite Smithfield)

° Shredded Cheese (Cheddar) Any Flavor will do

° Parchment Paper

° Poppy Seeds

Grab yourself a skillet and cook that Bacon! This would be a great time to also start preparing your eggs to be scrambled.

In the meantime, grab your cookie sheet and place your parchment paper down. You want to make sure that the dough from the croissants does not stick!

When placing your croissant dough on the paper, you will need to angle each piece then slightly overlap.

Now, on to the good stuff. We are some bacon lovers in this household. Personally, I love my bacon slightly crispy. Under cooking the bacon is just not for me but for this recipe, I would suggest either way is just fine.



Once the bacon has been cooked to your desire,  take a piece and lay it directly on each triangle . You will need about 9 slices of bacon for your wreath. Now it’s time for the cheese. -And I say BRING IT! For this recipe I used cheddar shredded cheese but any flavor would still be tasty.

Start spreading your cheese around and on top of your bacon.



Once your eggs are cooked, it’s time to start scooping then place them on top of your cheese. Pile it up! My children love scrambled eggs and they blend so well with bacon & cheese. It’s a match made in heaven! Yum!


After you have all your ingredients together then it’s time to wrap it up! One by one start bringing each triangle piece to the middle. At this point, your wreath looks like it’s stuffed to the max but just you wait! Each section piece will be just as delicious.






Once cooked for 20 minutes and slightly cooled, take a knife and separate each piece.  It’s just oozing with melted cheese!

This breakfast meal would taste just as good with ham or sausage as a substitution for bacon.  Either way, your gonna love it!

egg n bacon wreath


So tell me, What is your favorite breakfast meal?


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