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Calling all dog lovers! Boy do I have a special treat for you!

I recently received a ChalkboardDog with chalk ink for free in exchange of this review.

The love for a man’s best friend never seems to diminish. They are always loyal to their owner while providing great comfort and protection.

Steadfast Friends brings honoring your pup in a whole different way. On their website you will find items like Dog Silhouette Temporary Tattoos, iPhone Cases, ChalkboardDogs and Chalk Ink. So they have tons of great options to choice from and cover most breeds like Boxers, Bulldogs, Cockapoo, Great Dane, Rottweiler and so much more.


ChalkboardDogs has to be the most unique pet item that I have ever owned. Being that I just adore my beagle named Chloe I couldn’t wait to get my ChalkboardDog in the mail.


How “stinkin” cute is this ChalkboardDogs? I just love it!  It’s so easy to apply your silhouette to any wall surface. You can actually apply it to your refrigerator or door too. All you need to do is peel it off, then apply it to a clean, dry and flat surface. It took a matter of a few minutes from start to finish.  Another great feature is that you can reposition it to another location in your home if you would like to change the look where it’s placed. ChalkboardDogs is an eco friendly chalkboard film that allows you to draw and place messages on it. It’s a great way to remind your children that homework is due, when is dinner or perhaps a happy birthday message. Your creativity and imagination is up to you on how you would like to express yourself when using this unique ChalkboardDogs.


Steadfast friends does recommend that you use the Chalk Ink when creating your masterpiece. For the clean up all I used was damp cloth and everything that I placed was erased. My children and I get a giggle every time we glance at it because it looks just like our dog on the wall. The kids think it so cool to write messages or reminders when something might be due for school or they’re after school activities.  The ChalkboardDogs is available in different dimensions. For an example if you would like just the head shot or the whole canine silhouette your options are endless. They do offer both at the same price of $29.95. The chalk ink is also available on their website for $18.95. It’s a great item for such a unique product.

Steadfast friends also donates 10% of their online retails sales to your favorite canine driven charities.

So when your making your purchases please know that you will be helping many charities in need.

You can view many of these ChalkboardDogs silhouettes by visiting Steadfastfriends website.

Please be sure to follow them on facebook and pinterest.


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