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Celebrating a Smile with Gold Peak® Brewed Tea

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This post is written by me on behalf of Coca-Cola. All opinions are entirely my own. This shop has been compensated by Collectively Inc. and its advertiser.

 Gold Peak®Brewed Tea


How do you celebrate an accomplishment with your family? For me, it’s celebrating a smile with a refreshing glass of Gold Peak® Brewed Tea.

It’s all about celebrating those special moments in life especially, the ones with family. Over the course of Summer, I began preparing my children for a new chapter in their lives. Both of my children are attending a brand new school this year. The excitement was building, but I could also see the worry in their eyes. The sadness in their voices when they spoke how much they will miss their friends and former teachers.

Relocating to another school is not always easy for children. They worry about fitting in, meeting new friends, and of course, which teacher will they get. As parents, we can only reinsure them that everything will be great and know that, it always is in the end. What’s important to me is, living in the present and enjoying the simple things in life. So when the end of Summer came, and school was just about to begin,  I made a promise to my children.

I explained to them how incredibly proud that I was of them and that I knew that this school year will be one of the best ones yet and to prove myself right, I would help them celebrate the first month of attending a new school with a celebratory dinner out. Boy, were they so excited!


 Gold Peak®Brewed Tea


So when the time came to celebrate, I had asked them which restaurant would like to enjoy dinner from. They both “yelled” at the same time, TGIFridays. I giggled to myself because I knew exactly why they choose TGIFridays for their dining restaurant. It was because Gold Peak Brewed Tea is freshly brewed there. Hey, there are no complaints coming from me. I love TGIFridays too! -And it was just what we needed on a hot Saturday here in Florida. A refreshing taste of freshly brewed tea that brings you home.

Have you tried Gold Peak Brewed Tea before?

Gold Peak Brewed Tea tastes like it’s home brewed. It’s refreshing, crisp and brings a sense of comfort to those who love it. Many of us have daily routines that remind us of a touch of home and Gold Peak Brewed Tea does it for me.


 Gold Peak®Brewed Tea


Gold Peak Brewed Tea not only helps us celebrate those special moments, but it brings back the joy into our lives as the worries fade away. It’s all about celebrating a smile with Gold Peak Brewed Tea.  My daughter made my heart happy during our dinner when she stated to me, mom, days like this, I never want it to end. -And, I couldn’t agree with her more.


 Gold Peak®Brewed Tea


Oh yes, friends, we made the right decision. Enjoying a nice dinner with my family while celebrating their accomplishments has never felt so good. Seeing my children laugh, smile, and crack jokes again makes me one proud mom and I couldn’t be happier to see them accomplish this transition with ease. It was a win-win for this mom.


 Gold Peak®Brewed Tea


 Gold Peak®Brewed Tea


Will you be celebrating a special occasion soon?

Stop by your local TGIFridays restaurant and enjoy the refreshing taste of Gold Peak Brewed Tea.

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