Celebrating 50 Years: Sea of Surprises at SeaWorld Orlando

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Welcome to SeaWorld Orlando. Celebrating 50 years Sea of Surprises.


Planning on visiting Orlando, Florida soon? If you are, it’s the best time to visit SeaWorld as they’re celebrating Sea of Surprises.

SeaWorld Orlando is only a short 15 minute drive from Downtown Orlando and only minutes from other popular theme park attractions. This world of sea surrounds itself with education and sea life of all kinds. This friendly theme park is geared for families of all ages. From interacting with sea life to viewing live shows, SeaWorld keeps visitors educated. Learning and getting an up close encounter with some of natures endangered species such as Killer Whales, Penguins , Dolphins,  Sea Lions, Turtles and Mantas to name a few. SeaWorld is committed to helping and protecting animals in need and the environment where they live. Whether it’s by sea or land Sea World Cares.  With 4 daily shows, 4 animal connection areas and 10 ride attractions to choose from, visitors have a fun- full day ahead of them.


When your walking up to the entrance you’ll notice an harbor like atmosphere.  Surrounding the SeaWorld lighthouse you will find artificial harbor seals and walruses. It certainly builds up the excitement for what is ahead in your visit. Upon walking into the park you will also find a Shamu character meet-n-greet. It’s a perfect spot to capture a picture with him.

Once in the park, you have an option of renting one of their coolest Shamu strollers for children, motorized mobility cart and wheelchairs . You also have that option of making reservations, guided tours and much more at guest services.


As SeaWorld celebrates Sea of Surprises, this would be a perfect time to visit and see the new attractions. Make sure that you grab a park map so you can view the show times of each attraction and exhibits during your stay.



My family and I didn’t waste any time going to the attractions. Our first stop was Manta. Thrill seekers will love this wild high flying coaster. It’s the only one in the world of it’s kind. It’s truly feels like your flying as you zoom, spin, glide, skim just like a manta ray would. Me and my daughter stayed back while the rest of my family enjoyed this experience.




We decided to visit the Manta Aquarium while the rest were on the coaster. This walk through exhibit was fascinating to see. We got to see tropical fish that were colorful and bright. My daughter was in totally “awe” when she looked at all the fish swimming around.



I can’t blame her. I was the same way when I was looking above and seeing rays and sharks swimming. It really gave a new view of what sea life looks like underwater. It was pretty amazing to look at and take pictures of them.



In the Manta Aquarium you will see many different and unique styles of sea life. Just like this Anemone and Starfish. This is definitely something that you don’t see to often and to be so close to it was awesome.



Have you ever seen a Weedy Sea Dragon before? Me either until now. At first, I thought it was green leaves just floating around until I got a closer look. The Weedy Sea Dragon is magnificent to watch. Having them float around the bottom of this naturalistic aquarium is breath-taken to watch.



After our visit at the Manta Aquarium we waited for the rest of our party to exit the Manta coaster. It was perfect timing since we got a chance to see them actually on the Manta attraction. With their hands up and flying high, I could see how excited they were. Oh yes, we love thrills and Manta definitely gives riders just that.



Now that they got a taste of thrill seeking, we headed towards the Kraken. This monster floorless steel coaster is like no other. The kids were so pumped to ride it. We arrived when the ride first opened which meant little wait time for us. I stayed back with my daughter this time around but I did get a chance to ride it later on that day.



I will have to say, my family loves coasters. Ever since they were tall enough to ride them, they love it!  No fear whats so ever.  The bigger and longer first drop the better -And this beast has it all. From spiral turns to loops, be prepared to scream as you defeat this monstrous coaster. As you embark from the station you climb at a rapid speed. Once you conquer that first drop it’s thrills for everyone.




Right next door to the Kraken is Journey to Atlantis. It’s a thrill seeking water flume ride that surprises you with a coaster ride at the end. This attraction is the focal point to this area as visitors stand around and watch the boat speed down that big drop. While inside you experience dark passageways and see a mythical paradise. Don’t let this massive attraction fool you. You will get wet. Even bystanders have a chance to squirt you from the cannons as you pass by them.




My family and I had a blast on the Journey to Atlantis. As you can see from the photo below we made one big splash coming down that steep drop. The water actually reaches visitors standing on the side in the wet zone. Kids will love getting wet and so won’t adults!



Next, we headed to see Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. This popular indoor exhibit takes you on a journey where “Puck” brings you on his family friendly adventure ride. The short film demonstrates how life is for Puck in the icy world of Antarctica. When entering the ride you have two choices of experience. You can choose mild or wild. We love the wild since the motion of this trackless simulator gives us the best experience for our family.





After exiting this motion-based simulator ride you will be greeted by penguins. This area of the exhibit is pretty chilly. Remember, your visiting their colony so it will be cold just like Antarctica. Well, it feels close enough. You can observe them swimming, standing and even view the underwater viewing area to get a better look of these fast penguins at play. They’re pretty fascinating to watch.



The all new Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High show was next on our list. We got a great seat in the soak zone which means yes, at some point we will get wet. We didn’t care. My family and I were so excited to see this newly opened show.

This comedy adventure show brings big personalities of Sea Lions, Walruses and Otters together in a aquatic themed high school where Clyde & Seamore must pass to receive their scholarships.




In the beginning, the audience got a chance to see how an otter is trained to recycle cans. This pre-show performance is a must see so make sure you arrive early.  It was so cute to watch the little guy. He definitely set the stage for what’s to come.




Now, what’s a school without a crossing guard? This guy was a total hoot. He interacted with the crowd and guests who were looking for a seat. He used his stop sign as a prop which became so funny. You really gotta check him out.




During the show, Clyde & Seamore must pass certain educational subjects like gym, science and dance to win scholarships to Ocean University. During this time you will see them both do tricks, complete a workout and even show you their dance moves. It was amazing to watch specially viewing these trainers and how dedicated they are to these animals.





During this very comical storyline, you will meet the principal, school personnel such as the nurse, the lunch lady and trip.

Trip is a senior varsity letterman or you can say superstar that will do anything to get and win that scholarship. Since Clyde & Seamore’s graduation is on the line, Trip does the unthinkable.




Watching Clyde & Seamore interact with their trainers just like huddling in the picture below was amazing to see. I couldn’t believe how well they stood on their tails so strongly.

Is that amazing? With a little help from their trainer friends, Seamore and Clyde did it!




Watching the lunch lady serve lunch was extremely funny. She kept the crowd entertained with her comedy and imagination. My family was amused how she asked Clyde & Seamore a question and they both shook their heads. Oh my gosh, what a perfect show to watch with the whole family.



At the end of the show, we got a chance to see a Pacific Walrus. This guy right here was healthy and strong. Pulling himself up to a standing position was awesome to see.

The Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High show is a must see that the whole family will enjoy.

Dolphin Cove has always been a favorite exhibit of mine. Seeing dolphins swim and play is beautiful to watch. Previously, you had an option to feed them but now they offer a different interaction called the Dolphin Encounter. This trainer-lead experience allows you to spend 3-5 minutes with a dolphin with groups up to 10. You will learn about dolphins and even get a chance to touch one of them. There is also a professional photographer on hand to capture that special moment.



Be sure to check out The Dolphin Cove underwater viewing area. You’ll can get a glimpse of how dolphins interact with each other plus get a closer look of their habitat. It’s a must do for my family and specially for me. Since I am so fond of these bottlenose dolphins, I certainly can see why humans and mammals have a connection. They are pure fascinating to watch.




Come meet Cha Cha at Pacific Point Reserve. This viewing area brings you closer to sea lions and harbor seals. During specific times during your visit, you can purchase food to feed them and we did exactly that. I do need to warn you if you plan on feeding the seals or sea lions be careful for the aggressive birds. They will snatch up the fish before it reaches the animals. It happened to me several times.




This guy right here was all vocal. He was letting us know it’s time to eat. To be honest, I could’ve stayed right there feeding them all day if I could. These seals were amazing to watch as they were so comfortable in interacting with guests.

Check out the picture below. This little fella had no problem propping himself up to get a closer look at us. Friendly as ever and cute as a button this seal lion was .




This seal made his way on the rock to allow us to feed him. After a few misses, he finally grabbed a fish that was thrown by my son. You can see in the picture below, the fish is hanging from his mouth. It was a nice treat for us to actually feed these mammals and I am sure it was a nice treat for those who received it too. It’s something fun that children love to do specially mine. It creates a nice remembrance of their visit.




As we strolled through the SeaWorld park we noticed these pink flamingo boats that you could rent. Even though we didn’t get a chance to do it there were many guests that did. Such a fun way to view the park’s beauty from a different standpoint.




At this point, lunch was calling our name. Tummies were growling and kids needed to eat. We took advantage of SeaWorld’s All Day Dining Deal. It’s where you can choose from 6 restaurants located in the park and eat all your favorite foods for one low cost. This all you can eat deal, allows guests to receive one entree, side dish/dessert and non alcoholic beverage such as soda, juice or water each time through the line. This is the best option for my family and we loved it!  We had lunch at the Terrace BBQ. It’s set back in a relaxing setting which gave us some time to unwind and find some shade. Before entering the Terrace BBQ we came across some Caribbean Flamingos and other wild life birds. They really gave a tropical feel to that rest and restaurant area.




SeaWorld is also known for their beautiful landscapes just like the picture below. This gorgeous waterfall with potted plants that float, is a perfect hidden backdrop that would be ideal for a family photo.



For the kids, Shamu’s Happy Harbor is a great place for children. Since this area of the park is devoted to young ones and their families. There are 6 rides and even a interactive water playground for them to get cooled off. There is also a massive Net Climb that is 4 stories tall for children to climb and even crawl through tunnels and slides. This area keeps the kids happy and certainly makes a mom like me happy when I see my children smiling and having fun.




As our day comes to an end. We stopped by Mango Joe’s to get dinner and enjoy the view from across the lake. Watching others walk over the wooden bridge and seeing the theme park come alive at dusk was a sight to remember. Honestly, it was a great start to Memorial Day weekend and soon to be summer.

There was several shows and attractions that we didn’t get a chance to see like One Ocean, Pets Ahoy, The Wild Arctic, Sky Tower, Turtle Trek, Shark Encounter and Blue Horizons.

One of things that we should of purchased prior to our visit was SeaWorld’s Quick Queue Front of the Line Access. By purchasing this separately, it would of allowed us to save time from waiting in long lines. It’s definitely worth the price and allows you to visit attractions for unlimited use.




Before heading out my children wanted one last ride on the Manta. While waiting for them to exit, my husband, daughter and I sat by the Dolphin Nursery to look at the moms with their babies. It was memorizing to see how the baby dolphins stayed with their moms as they swam and came up from the water to retrieve air.  There were only a handful of dolphins in the nursery but they certainly was enjoying that extra space swimming around.



SeaWorld continues to make every effort of protecting sea life. They go beyond the call when rescuing and helping animals that have been hurt or injured. With many speculations made about them, I choose to believe that SeaWorld cares about the nature of sea life. Protecting that life is important to SeaWorld and through education, care, research and efforts of conservation, they will continue to do just that.

Did you know in the past 50 years, SeaWorld has rescued over 25 thousand mammals and other animals like birds. I believe in their continuous efforts and determination shown, that SeaWorld makes a difference. I applaud them for continuing to educate the public and giving visitors just like me an opportunity to learn more about these wonderful animals and curious sea life.  So for that, I thank you SeaWorld. My family and I will see you soon!


 For more information on hours of operation of SeaWorld Orlando please visit their website.

Stay connected with SeaWorld on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Blog.

2015 Internet/ Special Rates

SeaWorld Orlando


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Annual Passes

Florida Residents from $13 a month and up

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Preferred: $18.77 + tax

All Day Dining

Adults: $34.99

Children: $19.99

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