Captain Obvious is Running for President

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Run Captain Obvious Run! Captain Obvious is running for President.

-And he does it by the only way he knows how, by physically running! That’s right Captain Obvious has teamed up with Hotels.com and they have offered him his key necessities like running shoes, socks, and a warm place to sleep throughout his travels.

He’ll be providing satirical commentary on what has already proven to be an “interesting” election year.

Have you seen Captain Obvious in the commercials on television yet? I will admit, after watching his commercial I instantly went to Twitter and became a follower. -And with much surprise, I saw that Captain Obvious has over  300,000 followers. Isn’t that amazing? His followers love watching him run as they follow him in each state he visits.  Not only did I crack up laughing when watching these commercials but I also viewed other states that he visited to see where he stayed. Hey, curious minds wanna know! I love to travel so getting accommodation recommendations is always helpful even in the middle of the “obvious”. On his Twitter page, you’ll see daily updates and live-tweets. It’s so much watching him during the presidential debates. While you’re there, you can share his posts, get Captain Obvious merchandise, and follow along with which state he is currently running in now.

Captain Obvious is adding more fun in the Presidential race by sharing his thoughts and humor through his videos.

Check out his video and see him in action. The part where there is only one person standing on the side of the road cheering him on really did it for me.





So tell me, has Captain Obvious been to your hometown or state?

Which hotel accommodations did he offer his “obvious” insight and advice?



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