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I would like to thank BrylaneHome for this wonderful opportunity to review their outdoor Solar Garden Lamp Post in exchange of my honest review.

All opinions are 100% my own.

My readers already know that I get so thrilled when I work with such a wonderful company like BrylaneHome. They read my reviews and know that they are in good hands.

BrylaneHome knows what consumers look for in household products and they continue to offer these at reasonable prices. What’s not to like about that?

They have fantastic sales and always have great selections during all seasons. That is why you see more consumers becoming loyal customers throughout the years.

For the folks that never heard about BrylaneHome until now, BrylaneHome is an online store that offers anything from furniture, storage, bed and bath products and so much more.

On the site, quests have that luxury to view and purchase right from the comfort of their homes.

Since mother’s day is coming soon I would love to share this review with you.

solar garden post 3

This Solar Garden Lamp Post brings out the ambiance in your garden at night. Almost like a glow or an inviting feeling before entering your home. It certainly adds a touch of class to your yard or landscaping.

solar garden post1

Standing about 4 and half feet tall including the pedestal base is this beautiful black powdered- coated solar powered lamp. The pedestal base can also be bolted to the ground and all the hardware is included. I decided not to bolt it down and it’s sturdy enough for me. I was actually impressed how heavy the base was. It has some weight to it.

solar garden post2

The Solar Garden Post runs on one AA battery which is not included. There is an off and on switch on the side of lantern which you will need to place on for your post to work.  Often times with solar powered products I do forget that step. Living in a warm weather state I just love solar powered products. Most of the time the sun does all the work which makes me happy.

solar garden post 6


When fully charged this post is beautiful at night. It’s not too bright which I like because we all know about those ugly bugs that come out at night and this Solar Garden Post does not attract them at all. I’ve noticed that when there is more daylight, the brighter at night it becomes but not too bright that it becomes distracting.

solar garden post5

I absolutely love my Solar Garden Lamp Post. I love to view it from my living room at night. It really gives my home a classy look.

Solar Garden Lamp Post can be exclusively found only at BrylaneHome. It retails for $89.99 but currently on sale for $49.99.

So if you have been looking around and wanting to add some outdoor lighting come check out BrylaneHome on their website.

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