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Bounce Bounce Tigger Review

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When I heard that I was going to have the privilege to review Bounce, Bounce Tigger one of Toys “R” Us hot toys for 2012 holiday season I was thrilled. I mean who doesn’t love Tigger he is the friendliest tiger and full of wonderful spirit.

The fictional character Tigger is a friend of Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the gang from hundred acre wood. He is cheerful, energetic, outgoing and competitive in a friendly way. You might of even heard his theme song “The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers”. Tigger loves to bounce, bounce, bounce and that is what makes him who he is.

This lovable Tigger will surely have your child full of smiles. His theme song “Tiggers gonna make you bounce, bounce” is based on a classic hip hop song from back in 90’s. When I pressed on his foot I instantly remembered that song and I thought to my self how cute is he. Tigger was bouncing to the left, right, wiggles, giggles and rocks back n forth. I thought it was pretty “cool” how tigger bounced to the music. When Tigger bounces his arms go up and down it’s so much fun to watch him move and shake it.

Come take a look for your self.





Bounce , Bounce Tigger will make a child smile, giggle, bounce and most of all happy. Tigger is recommended for children of ages 3 and up. It’s available at retail stores such as Target, Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Kmart and values at $39.99. Bounce, Bounce Tigger will make a great gift for the holidays or for any special occasion.

My family and I have been a “Tigger” fan for years this was such a special treat for us.

You may visit Just Play on their website to find more about Bounce, Bounce Tigger and many other hot toys such as Doc Mcstuffin.

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