Boneless Firecracker Chicken

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I will say, when I found this recipe on Pinterest I could not wait to make it. We in this household love spicy, sweet and hot foods so I just knew that this dish would win over my family. Recreating side dishes like the Firecracker Chicken is something I like to do from time to time. Adding my own touches of a pinch of this or a helping of that, has thankfully worked out. We also are a family that loves sauces so if it’s gonna make our meats more flavorful, we are all for it!

Chicken is one meat that I prepare for my family each week. Trying to find new ways of cooking chicken that we all will enjoy sometimes can be stressful specially if you have picky eaters. Surely, you can season up your chicken but sometimes having a meal prepared the same way gets pretty tiring and then you want to try something new and that is when the Firecracker Chicken recipe will come in handy.



This Firecracker Chicken Recipe has the best combination of spicy and sweet flavors. It also has a zest of tanginess and zing flavor from the buffalo sauce or hot sauce. I have actually used both sauce separately and the taste was very simular. What’s good to know is, if your not a fan of hot foods, you can easily add more brown sugar to balance it out.

Honestly, it’s a great recipe to make if you don’t have hours in the kitchen. You could also substitute frying the chicken to baking it.

Serving it over white or brown rice would be tasty although it would be still great to make as a side dish.

So if your looking for a unbelievable tasting dish try the Firecracker Chicken!





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