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BBYM Specialty LogoThe holidays will be here and gone before you know it and now is the perfect time to do your homework when it comes to your cell phone service choices.

Have you been thinking about changing your cell phone plan or perhaps motivated to purchase a new phone for your children?

I know during the holidays you really do get the best deals on cellphones or new service.

Some plans offer more features , some cost more , then you have some you just can’t figure out or what’s the right plan for you. Am I right? It really is so true.

For an example, have you ever gone into a store to browse for a cellphone and the service of the cell phone carrier has way too many options then you end up paying more for a contract that you barely use.

I am certainly one of those folks. Happened to me not to long ago actually.

My youngest son wants a cellphone for Christmas and my first thought was no way. How can I even think about it ? Yet alone afford it for him.

Well I am here to tell you that you can and here is how.

Exclusively for Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores is the new service called Zact.

Zact Best Buy box

Zact Mobile is a no contract smart phone mobile service that you can customize for your own options. Zact works right off the Sprint network and  gives you nationwide service while choosing your options like voice, texting and data service.  Have you noticed that more and more households are not choosing landline telephones now?  Here is the reason why, consumers live on a tight budget and  to save money they need to cut costs. Knowing that  two telephone services can be very costly consumers choose to be more mobile.

That is why I like Zact for my family. Not only will I be able to save but only be charged in what we use not like other plans out there.

There is no hidden family extra line fees and we all can share the same talk, data or text plan for a lower cost.


My mom readers will love this feature. Ready ladies, it has the best parental controls that I have seen. Zact not only gives parents the best when it comes to  piece of mind but you can set and program features like allowed or blocked contacts, set curfews, ( loving that feature) and set allowances on text, talk or data for your children as well.


I invited you to come and watch this great video on how to get started with Zact.

Since Zact doesn’t have a contract that helps you save tons of money because you only pay for what you use plus you get money back on the next months bill if you haven’t used all of your service.

In fact, the average monthly bill with Zact is $22 per month. Now that’s affordable!

Up til now, you would only be able to purchase your service online  but it’s now available in your local Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store. They can be found  in 414 nationwide stores which are conveniently located in most malls and shopping centers. Which makes it even more convenient while shopping for your holiday gifts.

These specialty stores have the brands that you love like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and now Zact.

So if your in the market of giving a new cell phone during this holiday season be sure to stop by any Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store and check out Zact.

You will be pleased that you did!




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