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The Battle of the Fragrances Mens vs Womens #Review

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With the holidays coming soon, this would be a great time to talk about the differences in men and women fragrances. I will admit, I am far from being an expert but I certainly leave it up to my nose to do all the work.

Colognes and perfumes are not for everyone, In fact, have you ever walked by someone who just recently sprayed their favorite scent and you started sneezing or get a headache from how strong the smell is?

Yes, it can happen!

I’ve certainly been there many times myself. For the most part, when people around me wear perfumes or colognes it doesn’t seem to bother me. Walking passed my husband when he wears his favorite cologne on, can certainly make this woman go a little ga-ga. I feel that some of the scents he wears,  makes me want to be closer to him and simply bask in his aroma.

Granted, I truly believe it comes down to your own body and preferences. I know coming from a woman’s point of view, it certainly can be a turn on. Wearing a brand or scent of a cologne can surely bring out the attraction between a man and a woman.

For myself, I know what fragrances work for me and I believe my husband does too. Feeling sensual, beautiful and of course feeling confident in the choices that I make when it comes to perfumes is important to me.

I will admit, I am not the one for fresh cut flower scents but I am more of a amber or woods type of a gal. I like my scents to stay with me and love how it just lingers throughout the day too.

You know, my co-pilot of a husband believes differently. He loves the lighter scents on me too so that is why I decided to try something different and adventure out of my norm and I decided to do the same with him. Normally he wears a lighter fragrance during the day but this time around I had him try out a cologne that was different then what he was use to wearing.

So The Battle of the Fragrances begin!


For a mens cologne I have chosen The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s a casual scent that can be worn all day long. It comes across as a spicy but yet with a soft lavender and light vanilla aroma. I will admit, this scent is totally up his alley. It was a great choice indeed! He was very happy about it and I could actually still smell it on him when he returned home from work so the scent stayed with him throughout his day.

One of things that I always admired about colognes is how they represent mens personality. Some go for the sporty but yet classy scent while others have a love for sexy and sophisticated.  Those are the ones that make women go a little loco if you know what I mean.

The One Gentleman is available in a spray cologne or a stick deodorant. Both selections are excellent choices!


For a womens perfume my husband selected Envy Me by Gucci. I have to say that I am huge fan of Gucci colognes and perfumes. I always felt that their fragrances not only flatters my personality but I’m  in love with many of their scents that this brand offers.  I’ve never tried or sampled Envy Me before so I was eager for it to arrive.

Envy Me is not a over powered scent. It’s light and has a jasmine flower aroma. I was very surprised of the scent coming from a feminine bottle. I really liked the outcome.

At the first spray I was like wow kinda too much for me but after the duration of wearing it. It grew on me and I thought it was a nice change.

The Envy Me by Gucci is a casual perfume that could be worn during the day or evening.

So as you can see, taking yourself out of your norm and trying a new scent of perfume or colognes is a good thing!

Fragrance net. com offers such a wide selection on tons of brand name fragrances and beauty products. You can beat their prices and low shipping cost.  One of things about Fragrance net. com that you don’t have to worry about is none of their products are knock offs. Their beauty products and fragrances are the real deal.

Overall, me and my husband had so much fun during the Battle of the Fragrances review. It was a nice change to choose something that was not in our everyday norm.

With the holiday season approaching this would be a great time for you to look for some new fragrances. Try some out, you won’t regret it!


Feel free to visit Fragrance net . com on their website for more information about these amazing colognes and perfumes.

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    I've bought a lot of gifts from My sweetie has a Dolce & Gabbana scent, I can't remember if it is 'The One' or not.

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