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Back to School Savings with Groupon

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Oh yes! It’s that time of the year again. Back to School! Such an exciting time for everyone. The kids might not think so but us parents do! That’s right. For this stay at home mom, I can finally get things done. When it comes to Back to School shopping, I try to stay frugal and save money when I can because we all know school supplies and those must-haves do add up. That is why Groupon Goods has made it easier for me this year.

Having two children in elementary and one in college, there are so many things they need before that first big day. Especially for my son who attends college. -And as many of you know, college necessaries are a must and there is no way getting around it. So when it comes to making purchases for them I look to save where I can. Honestly, if it provides less stress in college or school, I’m all for it. My motto is: the less time they worry, the better academically they will become. Learning is an important part of their future so as parents, we must do everything to make their time in school successful. Don’t you agree?

Some of things that I recently found on Groupon  were charging stations, (must have for a college student) to lunch boxes for my younger children. I was totally amazed that with my first purchase on Groupon I was able to save $10 off my first order of $25 or more. Amazing right?

Shopping at Groupon Goods allowed me pick up their school necessaries and save money. They offer such a wide variety of items on their website and honestly, I found a few things for myself.

So tell me, have you ever shopped at Groupon Goods before?

What deals did you find?



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