Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

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As we all know a baby shower is an occasion where friends and family get together to give the new mom or dad gifts before or after their newborn arrives.

Did you know that the tradition of the baby shower started in the 18th century? It certainly has been a time honored tradition hasn’t it.

So much goes into planning a baby shower from the invitations, the decorations, food and gifts.

My sister’s daughter Tamara just had her baby shower a few days ago and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go due to living in different states but I wanted to post some ideas and pictures to help you plan and organize your special occasion.

Her theme was blue and brown and yes she is having a boy!

Let’s start with the cupcake table. My sister and some great friends of hers made these wonderful cupcake stands from ceramic pots as you can see in the picture it looks beautiful!


Next was the candy table. Tons of candies with the coordinating colors of brown and blue.

Surrounding the candy was the spelling of the newborns name. Very nice touch!


The table centerpieces were also brown and blue ceramic pots with molded candy pops inside each one.


My very talented niece made the baby fruit carriage and what a awesome job she did.

Did you see the pacifier in the mouth? Outstanding!


Here are some other decorations that could give you some ideas.


Over all the baby shower should be just as special as the mother to be.  Beautiful!

I hope that you enjoyed and thanks for visiting!

Thank you to my sister and friends for giving me this opportunity to share a beautiful celebration such as this shower with my readers.


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