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If your anything like me , between the hustle of being a homemaker, blogger and a taxi for our children we only wish that there was more hours in a day to get things done.  Since being a blogger for over a year now , I think to myself what  is next  or what is my next milestone in my business and how can I get more active in learning more about marketing, advertising or even social media.

As you might know or seen other fellow bloggers speaking about attending a blogger conference that is coming. They talk about how much they learn, the great speakers that they get a chance to meet and brands that would be interested in perhaps working with you. For some of us it’s not that easy to pack up , find travel arrangements including hotel or car rental.  Being that the cost for most to attend or join the conferences are more a burden to our pocketbooks. Some bloggers also ask to be sponsored to take care of some of the costs but that still involves us finding arrangements and funding. Now don’t get me wrong if I ever had the chance to attend a conference in another city other than my own I would be thrilled. One of the most exciting parts of attending these events would be for me to meet my fellow bloggers that I interact on a daily bases with. But Like I said the cost is a main factor why I haven’t done so. Which brings me happy news to share with you all on how you can still attend, learn more about blogging, marketing and so much more from the comfort from your own home. Yes in deed you can! I am so excited about this because I will be able to enjoy and focus more about my blogging while being at home and saving money on expenses. Sounds wonderful right!

The Blog Workshop gives something that most bloggers need and look for which are the tools and tips  The help and guidance from the speakers to build a better relationship or partnership with brands and advertisers is a great way to take your blog to the next level.

This years agenda appears to be outstanding which will include speakers from IZEA, Blog-Trends, Attorney Jeneba Ghatt, Blogads, Sverve CEO Rohit Vashisht and more. In addition to learning from these great speakers will you also get a chance to win some great prizes such as video blogging equipment, LLC packages from LegalZoom and so much more.

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So you ask why would this online conference be better than attending in person? Well for many reasons such as no traveling required and low cost fee. Speaking about fees The Blog Workshop is offering a discount for you to use when your signing up your registration. Use discount code: TBW25HURRY to receive $25 off. Click here to get started!

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The Blog Workshop begins on May 17-19th 2013.

I will suggest that you register your spot by May 10th or sooner. Tickets are getting low and you want to make sure your spot will be saved.

If additional information is needed come read more in The Blog Workshop FAQ section by click here.

See you there! I am so excited to be apart of this and thrilled that I will be learning more about my passion for blogging.

Make sure you take a moment to follow The Blog Workshop on twitter @TheBlogWorkshop and visit them on facebook.

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