American Bean Bag Games Review

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Recently, I had the honor to review American Bean Bag Games for an exchange of my views.

Nothing screams summer and fun other than this American Bean Bag Game! Now, let’s face it when it comes to gatherings with families specially adults we like having fun specially with some old time favorites like the “bean bag game”. Even though it’s a wonderful pass time for all ages. Adults will certainly enjoy playing during tail gate sporting games, summer family reunions and perhaps just a backyard barbeque with friends when ever you plan on using the American Bean Bag Games you will have some laughs and tons of fun!


American Bean Bag Games is located in Dorr, Michigan and they offer several different games such as their Tailgate, Classic and Cornhole edition.  The classic and tailgate measures up to 36″ x 24″ and the  Center hole is 6″ and  is 9″ from the top.  The cornhole edition is 48″ x 24″ and the centered hole is 6″ and is 9″ from the top. American Bean Bag Games made all three with consumers in mind. They are easy to store and light enough to use on the go. What is even more fun is that they offer several colors for your bean bag selections.  In fact, they have 16 colors to chose from so it will be great if you like to match with your favorite sports team. Each bag is filled with popcorn kernels and are made from superior grade duck cloth. They are exactly one pound each so they are easy and comfortable to hold.


The first time I ever played bean bag was on my families cruise vacation and I can not tell you how much fun we had. Talk about about a little competition. If you have never played before, the person who gets more bags either inside or closer to the hole is the winner and that is what players aim for. It’s pretty fun if you get your bag closer to your opponents. But it’s a game that’s all in fun and you will have a great time playing it.


When my family and I got a chance to finally play the tailgate edition we had so much fun. I received the red and blue bean bags and even my youngest who is 4 got in on the action she loves it! Let me just say that the tailgate edition is made from solid wood and is made to last you for years to come. Retailing at $109.99 but on sale for a limited time for $98.99. It’s a super deal compared to those other brands out there.

It’s definitely a great way to have my family get together and have some summer fun!


You can visit American Bean Bag Games on their website and check out their bean bag collection. While you are there find out on how you can purchase one of these sets for your own.

Feel free to follow American Bean Bag Games on Facebook.

Stay Tuned for your chance to win a tailgate edition and 2 sets of bean bags. Winner choice in colors.


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