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Tangy Tomato Dipping Sauce

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My children are such picky eaters. It can be the best meal that I ever made and they still push it away. Do you feel my pain? Some days I’m just ready to give in.  One thing that I’ve noticed and learned was my little ones love to dip. I can’t say that I blame them I’m a dipper myself. It’s something about that additional flavor you get when you dip your foods. Lately, they have been on this ketchup kick. Everything they eat must have ketchup on it or on the side. It got to a point that we were going through a bottle of it within a week.

I’ve tried other alternatives but they always seem to look and still want ketchup in the end. So that is when I thought of making my own Tangy Tomato Sauce just for them. This kid friendly recipe is mild enough for the young ones but still enjoyable for adults.

Just the other day while I was doing my weekly shopping trip at Walmart, I wanted to surprise my kids with some awesome lunchtime snacks so I picked up some protein powered snacking like Tyson® Chicken Nuggets and State Fair® Mini Corn Dogs.  I thought to myself, these quick meals would be perfect to use with my Tangy Tomato Dipping Sauce then I noticed there was a sticker for The Peanuts movie on the packages.

I totally scored with this one! The sticker read:

When you buy ANY TWO  (2) specially marked packages of Tyson® Chicken Products or State Fair® Corn Dogs and you can receive up to $9.00 toward one child admission to see The Peanuts Movie Only in Theaters.

You see, by entering your codes into a website you get to redeem them towards your child’s ticket.

Awesome Right?



I told ya I scored! With the kids doing so well in school I can’t wait to reward them with seeing The Peanuts Movie in November. I’ve always loved the Peanuts gang when I was little. Charlie Brown and his pal dog Snoopy were my favorite characters. My kids think I’m nuts but I get so excited still when It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is on television.

This recipe is so simple to make. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite dips to serve. And the best part, my kids go cray-cray over it! It all starts with some fresh tomatoes. Nothing taste fresher than a garden tomato. Wouldn’t you agree?

Grab your blender and cut your tomatoes in quarters. I found by cutting them in fourths does the job faster. Add your lemon juice, hot sauce, black pepper, chili powder and tomatoes into your blender until it’s puree well.


Now don’t let the hot sauce scare you. This recipe is more on the tangy side then hot. It’s full of freshness from the tomatoes and has a great blend of spices. I wouldn’t consider it a substitution for ketchup but it’s nice to change it up every now and again.



Tyson® Chicken Nuggets and State Fair® Mini Corn Dogs are the perfect size for kids. They can grab a handful or plateful. Dipping can be optional but let’s face it, with my Tangy Tomato Dipping Sauce saying come dip me it’s pretty hard to pass up. (Ha-Ha)


So are you excited to see The Peanuts Movie only available in Theaters?

Be sure to check out The Peanuts Movie sneak peek here.

I’d love to hear about your favorite way to eat chicken nuggets?

Comment and let me know!


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  • Alli

    My 6-year-old grandson is the pickiest eater I've ever encountered. His mom and I kept thinking he would grow out of it and he is constantly introduced to new foods. He will hardly eat meat at all, but one of the few things he eats is Tyson chicken nuggets. I keep them in my freezer at all times and I have to tell my son not eat them all and save some for the grandkids. :)
  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    That dipping sauce looks delicious and perfect for those chicken nuggets! We always buy those chicken nuggets from Walmart, too! Great deal!
  • Carmen Perez (listen2mama)

    My daughter has been a picky eater since she was born! But she does eat chicken nuggets and also loves mozzarella sticks too. She's stays away form sauces and dips though :-(
  • Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

    That sauce sounds delicious- perfect for kids and adults! And mini corn dogs? My kids would be all over those!
  • Felicita Moncada

    I have 2 picky eaters myself and hey are the same Ketchup or honey. I know honey as a dipping sauce? Yup! I need to try a twist on ketchup to see if it works.
  • Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Sounds like a perfect combo with the chicken nuggets. I'm not quite sure if my boys would love it but I would still give it a try. I'm always looking into healthier alternatives.
  • Elayne

    My kids think ANYTHING is better with some kind of sauce. I love using fresh tomatoes when I can and this seem pretty easy to make. Thanks for sharing.
  • Brittany

    Don't you hate it when you work so hard to make a delicious meal and the kids won't even look at it! But these really do look like something my kids would love!

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