A Party Fit for an Ice Queen

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When my daughter turned five years old, we decided to throw her a Frozen themed birthday party. In my mind, creating a winter wonderland in Central Florida wouldn’t be so hard, right? Haha

Who am I kidding? The Sunshine State is the perfect destination for warm weather but not so much for snow, ice or any winter wonderland. Let’s say, I was determined to make a party fit for an Ice Queen.

I wanted to celebrate her birthday that caters to her age and interests, along with her guests that she would be inviting and since she loved the movie Frozen, I knew she would love it.

After some research, I found myself noticing that Frozen was an extremely popular party theme. Honestly, I had difficulties locating plates and napkins that matched. At this point, I had already ordered personalized Frozen invitations so how could I just change her theme now? I couldn’t and being the mom I am, I didn’t want to disappoint her. So, I began searching the internet everyday. Looking for ideas, supplies and praying that new inventory would be available soon.

Have you heard about Etsy? It’s a site where talented small business owners sell their custom or homemade items. That is exactly where I found my daughter’s personalized party invitations and party attire.

When I began searching for a party dress, I wanted something that would go with the Frozen theme and make her feel special. -And behold, I found it. The perfect gorgeous Elsa dress. Hey, your little girl can only be five once! When I first seen this dress at the Rainbows End Tutu Boutique on Etsy, I knew it was the one.

I didn’t have much time to waste since this dress needed to be made to order according to her size. I also didn’t have much time left before her party date either, so I ordered it right away and paid a little extra to make sure it arrived on time. -And you know what? This beautiful dress was delivered 5 days before her party which made this mom happy but most of all, made my daughter feel like an Ice Queen wearing it.

autumns birthday dress
Photo Courtesy of Rainbows End Tutu Boutique


Now that I have ordered the invitations and party dress, it’s time to talk about the fun stuff like food, snacks and party favors. Being that our guests are under 7 years old, I thought of a candy table.

Oh yes, a table full of Hershey’s Candies, Blue M&M’s, Neon Blue Frozen Cupcakes with Winter White Buttercream Frosting and festive Snowmen White Cheddar Popcorn.



My Neon Blue Frozen Cupcakes with Winter White Buttercream Frosting was a big hit. The kids loved the Frozen rings that I attached to the cupcake holders with tulle ribbon. It was my favorites on the candy table and by the look on our guests faces, they loved them too!


autumn candy table

Another hit at the candy table was the ice blue lollipops. Children loved grabbing a few from the decorative vase that were surrounded by silver glittery leaves, stems and branches. It certainly made a wonderful centerpiece that resembled a winter wonderland.

Along with the candy table, we had some fun activities that the children also enjoyed. We had a whipped cream snowball toss that was made from styrofoam. A fun photo booth and props for the kids by using a lifesize cut out of Anna and Elsa.

I also made a background prop for the pictures too. I hung up white string lights then covered them with a white sheet.  It looked so magically when my daughter and her friends took a picture in front of it.

Outside we had face painting, a bounce house and her decorated birthday table. Even though the weather here was warm, the kids cooled off by drinking from my melted snowman water. Don’t ya just love the labels? So cute right? On the birthday table, I also placed  purple and ice blue snowflakes and glittery snowballs.

It certainly was a fun day for my princess or should I say my Ice Queen.




So tell me, which birthday theme did your child love the most?

Can’t wait to hear about them.


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