3 Ways to Prepare for Out of Town Guests this Summer

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3 ways to prepare for out of town guest this summer

You just got the confirmation. You’re out of town guests will be arriving this Summer. Now, what? Preparing yourself and especially your family for your overnight guests to arrive and to stay at your home doesn’t take rocket science but it can get overwhelming real fast if you don’t prepare a- head- of – time or have extra space and room for them to sleep in.

I remember that one time when my husband invited some friends that were coming to the area to stay at our home for a few days. I could see it in his eyes that he was happy to reunite with his childhood friend although all I could think of was, “there is so much work (cleaning) that needs to be done before they arrive”. When guests come to my house, I’m very anal about making sure my home looks perfect. Like any guest, I want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. So having things that are easy to accessible for them makes a world of difference.

Summertime in Florida usually brings visitors and vacationers from around the world. Almost every day during the Summer months you can expect the weather to be in the 90’s or greater with high humidity. So you can only imagine how hot it can get here. I honestly believe when guests arrive in the Summer and especially have never been to Florida, they will feel the impact of the Sunshine State immediately after arriving.

Which means keeping your guests cool, allowing them to stay fresh, and relaxed. -And, with these 3 helpful tips, you will be able to do just that.

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One of the things that I do before my guests arrive is tackle my guest bathroom. As much as we all have a love-hate relationship with bathrooms it’s a must to have it cleaned, ready, and stocked before our guests arrive. Stocking up with must-haves like Cottonelle® FreshCare Wipes is a must for me. Not only does Cottonelle® FreshCare allows them to stay fresh and clean but they’re alcohol- free and have a CleanRipple® texture to clean better even after a day at the beach.

With its SafeFlush Technology™, you can feel at ease knowing that these wipes are also flushable and are septic and sewer safe.

The Cottonelle® FreshCare Wipes are now available at Sam’s Club and you’ll get 462 sheets in a box. Each pack is individually wrapped so they’re perfect on the go or to take with you on your daily activities. One of the reasons why I love having them in my home is because they’re easy to travel with too. I can place a package in my gym bag, in the car for those messy moments and also, when “aunt flow” comes to town once a month. Cottonelle® FreshCare Wipes truly are great for the whole family and guests.

Sams Club Cottonelle

With guests traveling by plane and even automobile, it’s merely impossible to bring everything they need to feel at home so I always try to leave a care basket in my guest bedroom or bathroom. Some of the things I like to include are shampoo, conditioner, soap or body scrub, hand towels, and of course FreshCare Wipes. It certainly makes a difference having them on hand for them to use without the worries or hassle of going to a store once they arrive.

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Another great tip when preparing before your guests arrive is making sure you have sunscreen on hand. Visitors seem to forget that we’re called the Sunshine State and the UV index is extremely high in the Summer months and trust me, it doesn’t take long for your skin to feel the sunburn. It’s so important to apply it before heading out to the beach, pool, or even when you’re visiting a theme park or just being adventurous in the outdoors.

Are you a Sam’s Club member? Come find out how awesome their member benefits are and how you can save $3 instantly on Cottonelle® FreshCare Wipes.

Take advantage of Sam’s Club pick up where you can place your order online then pick up your order without the hassle of shopping. Love this!


So tell me, how will you prepare for your out of town guests this Summer?










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