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When your day goes wrong and this happens!



This week, my younger children started their Spring Break vacation here in Florida. Should be fun and relaxing week for this mom right?
Well it’s been a whirlwind to say the least. I started this week with hopes to enjoy both of my loves alone. Like looking forward to that alone time that we miss during those long school days which I  know they really need and deserve. I was planning day trips like going to a water park, visiting our local recreation park and adding a few surprises that they didn’t know about yet.
Usually our weather during this time of the year is pleasant so I just knew that the weather would be perfect for what I had planned for them. Nope!
I was totally wrong. The past two days have been chilly,rainy and overcast. It certainly made no sense of going to a water park when it was only 67 degrees out.
So I made the best of the day yesterday and we decided to take a drive to our local park. I mean, at this point it’s been two days already and the weather condition didn’t help us out by being stuck in the house. I guess we were going a little stir crazy.

So after packing a small picnic lunch for the kids and I, we finally make it to our destination. It still was on the chilly side and lightly misting but the first 10 minutes, the kids were having a ball at the playground.

I found a picnic table that was covered and it was in eye view for me to watch the kids. Sounds like things were working out? Right?

Well not exactly. My daughter says to me, Mom can you help me up on the swing? I said sure. Granted the swing seat was pretty high so I knew that she couldn’t get up by herself. Within minutes, she was swinging higher and higher. I told her to slow down and be careful. Within 2 minutes after I said that she started to cry. My son hit her accidentally in the head with his swing.  I’m telling ya, we were only there for 19 minutes before this happened. Yes, it was one of those days. I took a look at her head and after seeing a bump and blood drawn it was time for us to leave.

As we settled back at home, I felt the urge to make something sweet for us specially after the day we were having. I mean something had to go right. Right?

Luckily, I had Ice Cream, Brownie mix, Butterscotch and Whipped Cream just waiting.









Doesn’t it look so good? My kids forgot all about the yucky weather and injury when they finally got to see and taste my special dessert.


 Have you had one of those days that nothing you do goes right?


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Michele is a Florida-based recipe creator, travel buff, and lifestyle advocate. Who believes in creating easy recipes without sacrificing the flavor of each culture. She adores her family, the warm Florida sun, and wearing flip flops.


  • Chubskulit Rose

    So sorry to hear about what happen to your daughter. Yeah, weather has been crappy lately. We are having 4 degrees tonight and the next day, can you believe that! At least you turned around with that yummy treat! Now pass me a slice pl[ease? Lol.
  • Dawn

    Butterscotch with fudge brownies sounds amazing! My daughter had spring break a few weeks ago and it was rainy almost the entire time!
  • Jamie

    I have lots of days like that! Totally feel your pain! It is terrible when the weather doesn't cooperate. Ending the day with a delicious dessert does help though!
  • Bonnie @ wemake7

    Yes- Ive had those days where nothing goes right, happens to me everyday! =( I love this recipe, sounds so delicious!
  • Nina Say

    This is a dessert that I would definitely make after a stressful day. Nothing works better than chocolate for this.
  • Racquel

    As if it wasn't good enough as it is, adding ice cream is a perfect touch. We know all about the weather not cooperating up here in northern Michigan.
  • Mhie Lee

    Sorry to hear about it. We're planning last week to go in Destin Florida but the weather was in 60's so we didn't pursue our plan. Weather can ruin our plans once in awhile. We have a rough weather.
  • Jeanine

    Sounds like this nice treat was well deserved! I have days like that too often, and this treat looks like one to cure all! Looks delicious!
  • HilLesha

    I have more days like that than I care to admit!! It sounds like your day turned out to be sweet, though. You can never go wrong with ending the day with brownies! :)
    • Michele

      I just try to remember, those bad days come and go. We must make the best of all situations. We love brownies so this was perfect! :)
  • Shaney Vijendranath

    Yesterday was a horrible day for my family. My mom lost her boyfriend... :( I could definitely use some comfort food. I love brownies.
  • Martine - MeUnfinished

    Wow! What a day! I have to confess that I have had plenty of those days, however with a treat like this brownie, it is sure I would get over it quickly too. Thanks for this awesome recipe and I hope your Spring Break got better after this! :)
  • Krysta

    I have certainly had days like that with my daughter… I GET IT! And sometimes there's nothing else to do then to throw your hands in the air, get out the snacks and watch a sugar induced movie marathon! The next day will be better ; )
  • Kristen

    Ha Ha. I had one of those days last week, and I was totally craving something like this! I wanted a brownie so bad! ( no eggs in the house though, I had to settle for some Nutella)
  • Chrystal @ YUM eating

    This. So many of this. You just can't go wrong with chocolate and salted caramel. Those flavors together are the most wonderful mesh of flavors meshed in my mouth.
  • Rebecca Swenor

    We have all had them kind of day indeed. It sounds like you were the hero with the dessert though. This sounds and looks so amazing and I will have to try making this for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  • rochkirstin

    It's great that even if you seem really tired from activities outside, you still had the time and patience to create something really delicious. I would love to taste that. Looks like a great snack/dessert anytime!
  • Lynndee

    Oh yeah, definitely had one of those days. I think it's part of life. And that's probably why they had created the quote, "When it rains, it pours!" :)

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