Warmly Yours Barcelona Towel Warmer Review


Have you ever got out of the shower or bath and reached for your towel and your still freezing? How about getting out of your pool on those cool days and you hurry to get in your house? What about those days your children are outside playing in the snow and they come in freezing and needing something warm to dry them off quick?

Well,  I have something that you need! Warmly Yours: Radiant Heating has graciously allowed me to review their Barcelona Towel Warmer and I am thrilled to share my views with you. First, I would like to share more about this wonderful company and it’s products.

Warmly Yours: Radiant Heating specializes in products for inside and outside your home. Their modern products range from Floor Heating Systems, Snow Melting Systems, Radiant Heating and Towel Warmers. These wonderful products can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, basements, bedrooms and outdoors.

On Warmly Yours website you will find information on in-home measurements, thermostat programing, a heat loss calculator and additional information on so much more.

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This product is a fantastic addition to my household appliances. My family and I love warm towels after a shower or bath. Living in a warmer climate state we still get those mornings that are chilly and cold specially during the winter season. We tend to hurry to reach for our towels but by that time it’s too late and that cold air hits. Well not when you have a towel warmer right in your bathroom. We are also blessed to have a year round heated pool to use even on those cooler days. Having this towel warmer certainly changes how toasty my family feels when wrapping ourselves around a warm towel after a nice swim. Now we can step out of the pool or hot tub grab a warm towel and make it inside without having to rush.

The Warmly Yours Barcelona Towel Warmer stands about three feet high and is two feet in width. The warmer has a brushed nickel appearance with eight racks to place your towels on. The set up is very easy, it comes with two screws to assemble the feet (allen wrench is included). All you have to do is plug in and enjoy toasty towels when needed.

I must say that it’s so convenient to place this towel warmer around my home where ever it may be needed. It’s something that I can use year round for my family and can be easily tucked away when not in use.

So if your looking for a Towel Warmer for your home please come check out Warmly Yours on their website where you can view this model Barcelona and other several models.

This Barcelona Towel Warmer retails for $299 and you can also find Warmly Yours products for sale on Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot.

You can follow Warmly Yours on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, linkedin and instagram.

Please stay tuned for a chance to win an Barcelona Towel Warmer for yourself.


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