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Trident Smiles Across America

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Now, this give us all something to smile about! Smiles Across America is now in their 11th year of providing oral disease prevention services that reach children who are uninsured and underserved due to poverty, lack of resources with limited transportation and low literacy or language diversities.

It’s been over 10 years since this wonderful program began back in 2004.  Have you heard of it?

This wonderful program has even been supported by Chicago’s Department of Health’s Dental program. Over 100,000 students in Chicago’s Public School System has been provided with dental care because of the initiative that Oral Health America provides.

Photo Credit Oral Health America
Photo Credit by Oral Health America

Did you know that in the school year of 2014-2015, Smiles Across America along with their 304 partners, visited 47 states and reached 460,000 children in a school setting  as they spoke about oral health promotion and disease? I know those numbers are astonishing but how wonderful to reach so many in only a years time.

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Trident is a proud supporter of Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America and has been for the past 11 years. They have donated more than $2,500,000 to this remarkable program which has helped more than two million underserved children get preventative dental care so they can have a healthy smile which is an important part of overall health.

Did you know that Trident is the leading sugar free gum brand on the market?  It’s also the first national sugar free gum in the U.S.

Here are 4 outstanding tips for lasting smile that ensures great oral care.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes each time
  • Floss daily
  • Visit your dentist regularly and get check ups every six months
  • Chewing Trident for 20 minutes after eating and drinking helps to clean and protect your teeth

Did you know that 4 out of 5 dentists that were surveyed, recommends Trident Gum to their patients.


One thing is for sure, It’s a must for me to carry a few Trident packs in my purse. When you have those super busy and long days with the kids at soccer practice and your stomach is telling you it’s time to eat, I grab a few pieces and feel content. Not only does Trident freshens my breath but I know they are safe and sugar free for me to chew.

So if your in the mood for a refreshing mint flavor like Spearmint which is my favorite by the way or a delicious fruit flavor like Tropical Twist, Trident has you covered and helps fight cavities.

During the week of  September 20th, every pack of Trident gum purchased will spur a $0.05 donation to Smiles Across America, up to $250,000. Void in AL, MA and SC. I challenge each of my readers to grab one or two packages of Trident Gum. We all enjoy chewing gum for many reasons but your small part will do so much for this phenomenal program.

For more information about Trident Gum please visit them on their website.

Stay connected with Trident on Facebook and Twitter.


What tips can you share on how you keep your teeth clean. Comment and let me know!


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  • Rena McDaniel

    What an awesome program that is so needed! I'll have to tell my husband about this because he chews Trident every day while he's at work.
  • Amanda

    It is so good to know that one of the brands that I have always had in my purse for years, Trident, dedicates it time to making good in the world. Thanks for sharing.
  • Amanda

    It is so great to know that one of the companies that I have always supported, Trident, does so much good in the world. Thanks for sharing.
  • Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green

    I'm a non gum chewer but we are big on oral health in our home. We all get regular check ups. I also use the Oral B timer app to keep my toddler engaged while brushing for 2 minutes. She loves the star they give her after each brushing.
  • Jaime Nicole

    I love seeing corporations that I always buy from giving something back to people who need the help. It's great to see them making donations to those who really do need the help - I will keep buying from them for certain.
  • Colette S

    I've started with the chewing, but I really need to be better with the daily flossing! I"m getting there. Very good information and tips!
  • Rachel

    Wow. You learn something new everyday! I didn't know I was doing something, already, that was good for my teeth... and using a company that helps a great cause! :)
  • Kisa Johnson

    I need to get better with flossing, and remembering to brush often enough. >.> I didn't grow up with good habits, and the older I get the harder it is to change all the bad ones!
  • Liz Mays

    It just so happens that my favorite gum is Trident, so this is an easy thing for me to help with. It's an awesome program worth supporting.

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