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With the taste of Black Friday getting closer, it’s time to get some shopping done before the big rush!.  Toys “R” Us has an amazing list of their 15 hottest toy selections for this holiday season.  Have you ever wondered how the toy industry or better yet a toy store brand like Toys “R” Us determines what makes their list each year? These top toys are determined by Toys “R” Us play experts and after months of extensive research, a wide range of brand new toys, games and along other things are expected to be on children’s wish list this holiday season. For many years, Toys “R”Us has been my go to store for the newest toys on the market!

“Toys “R” Us takes great pride in providing parents and gift-givers with a reliable and definitive shopping list that they can use as a starting point to help ensure kids will be smiling from ear-to-ear when they open their presents on Christmas morning.”

 Just recently, I had the utmost privilege to work with Toys “R” Us as I have done in the past 3 years. Sampling some of their hottest toys for the holiday season and learning why their fabulous 15 selections made it on the list! Today, I couldn’t be more excited to share with my readers this experience.

Zoomer- Dino from Spinmaster



Meet Boomer! He knows where you are and he is coming. Controlled by your hand or the pod included, this interactive Dino will move as fast as lightening through your home.  This incredible Dino makes real dinosaur sounds and movements. His Dino sense abilities allows Boomer to detect that your around but watch out , he’ll start spinning around, becomes angry, makes chomping and roaring sounds just like a real dinosaur would.

With using it’s True Balance Technology, Zoomer the Dino balances his movements on two wheels in any area of your home. If you decide to get him mad which I don’t suggest that you do,  pull his tail and wait to  hear and see what your new friend can do! You might even hear Boomer’s Dino sized burps and farts.

Be the ultimate Dino trainer as you train Boomer to dance, chase, chop and more!

In the box, you will receive one Zoomer Dino, one control pod (in my opinion resembles a dinosaur egg), one USB charging cable and instruction guide.

Great pre historic pet for children ages 5 and up to use. To charge your new Zoomer Dino, you must place 3 AAA batteries inside of the remote pod. (Batteries not included). Zoomer can be easily charged through the USB cable that is included. I will honestly say that it didn’t take very long for that first initial charge either. I actually plugged it into my laptop and came back within 20 minutes and Boomer was roaring’ to go!

Toys “R” Us includes the Zoomer Dino (Onyx) in their hot toy list this year. This style is executive and offered only at your Toys “R” Us store or online.  It’s Onyx appearance with collectors tin case gives your Dino a little extra fun!

Overall, I can see why children have put Zoomer Dino on their Christmas wish list this year. It’s super fantastic and has all the realistic sounds and moves just like a real dinosaur would.  Having a pod to control it’s movement is great for the young ones to enjoy but yet, just as much fun for the older ones who can train their new friend too! This is one gift that would not disappoint this Christmas.



Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa from JAKKS Pacific Inc



Any avid Frozen fan will love the new Snow Glow singing Elsa! Re-live those magically moments from the film with Elsa and her funny snowman friend Olaf. By pressing Elsa’s snowflake necklace you instantly hear Elsa speak at least 15 sounds and phrases from those special moments in the movie. By extending Elsa’s arm out, you will see her dress glow with the rhythm  of the song  “Let it Go” being played.  It’s like a winter wonderland that comes true for any little girl ages 3 and up. From her ice blue dress with pure white snowflakes, your child will be memorized by Elsa’s toddler appearance.

With her long braided blonde hair and her royalty reflection eyes, Elsa is all smiles and ready for your child to adore. She also wears a blue crown that resembles her being that queen with special powers. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa can speak in english and Spanish too. I really believe that with her necklace that glows and how she sings the films #1 hit song “Let it Go”,  I couldn’t think of any better gift to give this Christmas. other than her. Any girl will  be overjoyed and delighted from head to toe!



Lego Fusion Town Master



This Toys”R”Us exclusive, Fusion Town Master by Lego includes a 256 piece set that allows users to build a fun creativity set and experience a whole new Lego world of virtual app -based game play. The Lego Fusion allows players to create and rule their own Lego town by building it with Lego bricks, capturing a picture then importing it to this free trial iOS and Android game.

The set includes a mayor mini figure, step by step colored instructions, Lego Fusion bricks,  app, Fusion plate and more. Great for children ages 7 and up!

Mastering a town with how you envision it, using your imagination, being creativity and showing the world your a Lego citizen helper at heart is only the beginning!

Kids can construct their town from the ground up, building everything from houses to businesses, such as a pizzeria, fire station and bike shop. Gamers and builders alike can complete errands and missions, including catching robbers, fighting fires and skateboarding. Doesn’t that sound exciting for any Lego builder?

I can see why the Lego Fusion Town Master has made it’s way on the Fabulous “15” toy list this year. A great interactive and virtual game that promotes your recognition and dedication of Lego’s.


Overall, all three of these handpicked wish list toys are now available on the Toys “R” Us website. When it comes to gift given this season be sure to shop at Toys “R” Us . It’s your one stop store for all toys, games and electronics.


For more information about Toys “R” Us top 15 fabulous toys this holiday season, please visit their website.

Remember to use their price match guarantee this season and take advantage of their FREE store pickup.

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Happy Holidays!

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