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As moms, we want the best healthcare providers for our families. Many of us have experienced long wait time at the doctor’s office with our children and even those late night visits to the emergency room at the hospital.

What if I told you there is a new service now available that allows you to connect to a physician or healthcare provider from your area and you can do so right from the comfort of your own home. Would you believe me? Oh yes! Moms, our prayers have been answered!

As we all know, illnesses can come day or night and many times we practically have to wait until the next morning before seeing our own doctors.

Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company that connects users with board-certified, licensed doctors, dietitians and psychologists for immediate and live online visits 24 hours in a day- seven days a week (day or night) and this can me done right from your mobile device such as your smartphone, tablet or desktop. It’s now available in 46 states. Using this app will be so convenient for many parents and even for us moms.

I know when I’m sick, my whole house shuts down.  I can barely take a moment for myself during the day, so knowing that I don’t need to leave the house and still get the care I need is phenomenal. We all know, moms and dads don’t have that extra time for being sick.


Setting up your account is simple and easy to do. New users will add their name, email and password to get started. Next you will create and update your profile to what state you live in. After creating those easy steps, your officially a member of the Amwell community.

amwell amwell1 amwell2

Setting up your personal preferences is easy and can be done so with updating your account. You can also add other family members to your account such as your children and spouse.

Next, you’re able to select physicians in your state and view their credentials. This is helpful to know when making those decisions. You can also input and select your past or present medical history. Doing so, allows the doctor to prescribe an accurate diagnosis or medication.

amwell3 amwell4


When your ready for your live online visit, you can start by answering a few selected questions like who is this visit for and what would you like to discuss. Doing so provides the doctor with the best available information about your health condition or symptoms that your experiencing.



amwell5 amwell6

As you continue to set up your visit, you’ll notice that you can also add a local pharmacy and health insurance information. This comes in handy if prescriptions will be needed.

Did you know that many insurance companies cover telehealth visits? How incredible is that! I had no idea.

If you find that your insurance company doesn’t cover this service, you can still use it.  If you don’t have insurance, rest easy because Amwell offers this service at a low cost compared to an office visit.

Many patients use this service when they’re in- between jobs, have no insurance and it’s also a great option for college students as well.





Amwell gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we have full access to a doctor, (day or night) without worrying about driving to an appointment. It’s convenient for parents and even caretakers to do right from the comfort of your home. That is why many consumers take advantage of this service and their low cost fee.



Once your account is set up and your doctor has been selected, it’s time for your real live visit.

During your 10 minute visit or perhaps longer if needed, Doctors will review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medications. If prescriptions are needed, the order will be sent right to your local pharmacy.

Many patients enjoy this online service for many reasons. For example, many conditions can be diagnosed for cough, bronchitis, fever, sinus infection, sore throat, urinary tract infection, headache, vomiting, pinkeye, sprains, depression and many more right from the comfort of your home.

When is a good time to use this service?

Patients will use this telehealth service when they can’t go to the emergency room, time restrictions, out of town or when their primary physician office is closed. This service is wonderful for patients are in-between jobs or don’t have healthcare insurance.

According to App Annie, consumer telehealth apps have become one of the most popular apps to use since 2014. It’s actually the only service available that allows you to select the doctor you want to see for an on demand visit.

Since being of mom of four children, I feel relieved knowing that I can reach out at any hour and get the medical help that I need for myself and for my children. But most importantly, I can do so in the comfort of my own home.

Interested in learning more about Amwell? Take a look at the video below.


Years ago, doctors made house calls. In our time, Amwell brings to us that same concept through an interactive app that allows “face time” with a doctor right in our area.


Overall, I can’t believe how convenient it was to speak to accredited doctor right from my desktop computer.  When I used this service, I was able to get my questions answered instantly. As a parent, I find it self rewarding to know that not only is it affordable for my family to use but I can rely on it during my non-emergencies health visits.

You know what’s awesome? My readers get a chance to use this service for free.

That’s right your first visit is FREE. Just use code BEWELL16 during checkout.

The Amwell app is now available on Apple IOS and the Google Play Store.

For more information about Amwell, take a moment and visit their website.

Stay connected with Amwell on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.


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  • Jaime Nicole

    I keep seeing ads for this and it looks awesome. We get snowed in and can't get to the doc at times, but that doesn't stop kids from getting sick and needing the doc - this is a great service.
  • Jennifer

    Amwell is my new best friend! No more having to pack up the kids for a quick visit. It's seriously the greatest thing and has saved me a lot of money!
  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    What a great service! Taking the whole family to a doctor's office is definitely inconvenient! This would save so much time! Great option for busy families!
  • Miles L.

    This is truly a wonderful way to get in touch with our doctors. Technology brings us convenience and the luxury of making things easier do.
  • Amanda @ Adorkablii

    I think this is such an awesome service. Sometimes it's hard to leave the house to see a doctor. And no one likes to bundle a child up in the winter who is sick already. I am really starting to love this idea!
  • Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

    I wish we could use the physicians on Amwell. Our state is one of the few that outlaw it, which is a total bummer.
  • Stephanie

    My daughter was diagnosed over the phone with Chicken Pos because the doctors were afraid that she'd contaminate the other kids in the waiting room, but this was about 15 years ago and there was no video chat or Facetime. My biggest concern then was what if she didn't have chicken pox and she had some weird disease that would kill her? I think this is the same concept but much better because they can actually see the issues.

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